Six Months

I just celebrated my Six months here in the company that I am working at. Congratulations to me.

Honestly, I am so grateful landing on this job and so far I am really enjoying what I am doing and the people I am working with.

It has been a blessing, an answered prayer, a gift that I know I deserved to receive after all the hard works and efforts that I have done to earn this.

During these six months, I am so amazed with how my work had transformed my life. With all the experiences, trials and problems, and most of all lessons learned.

There were dull moments, yes;

Sad moments; yes;

Irritating moments; yes;

Issues, yes;

Hardships yes;

But hey I am still here and I never thought I would stay here for so long.

Let me just share with you guys, the important things that I have experience during my six months stay in the company.

First Stop: Handling Responsibility.

As I signed my contract here, I accepted the task that the company has given me. I have been introduced with the responsibilities and obligations that I need to take part for the company. My words, my actions have all the consequences. My first month have been a challenge to me but with God’s help I survived!

Being Sociable.

The first 2 months had been a month of meeting and knowing different kinds of people everyday, from the manager up to the company’s maintenance facilitator.In the field of sales you have to be sociable, you have to speak out or else you’ll reach and aim nothing. The first two months was really a challenging one. Born having an extrovert
personality type, I had hard time adjusting with this new scenario, It took me 3 months to realized that I have to get out of my comfort zone, and yeah I had succeeded in getting out of my box and I’ve manage to mingle with people.

Time Management.

One of my greatest problems when I am still on college was proper time management, tardiness and absences. Before, I do not care whether I am on time or I fail to attend my classes but now, Every Single Day Counts. No work No Pay. One single absent and you lose a value of your salary. Plus. You have to arrange your time properly to get the entire job done. It was not easy. You have to work fast but you should also be sure that there is less error. You have to multitask, holding the phone, writing, checking on your desktop, the thing that I really enjoyed.

Never commit what you are not sure of yet.

The first problem that I encounter while I’m working here, Saying and answering yes and only Yes to customers not knowing if what they are really telling me is possible or not. It has been one of the greatest mistakes which I learned that upto my daily life I can still apply. Never commit anything to client which you know you could not afford to do or give.


Sorry but this is quite funny. Yeah I am one of those people who are quite lost in the world fashion; I could say that I have my own fashion world. Thanks’ that I am introduce in the corporate world. Now I am seeing new ideas to mix and match my apparels and I learnt how to fix myself better.

Always strive for the Best Attitude.

As sales, you should always look at your aims before firing your arrows. You should not be content with what you have achieved. The system that you should adapt is the ladderize one, always one step forward.

Lastly, Be thankful with what you have and always return Loyalty and maintain your Integrity with the Company.

i just claimed it!

I’ll be having my regularization interview next week and I am really positive that once again Ill hit it. It will be a privilege for me to be a regular employee within this company.

It is so hard to seek for jobs nowadays so this is another opportunity that I should not miss. I’m gonna give my best Shot!