I was one of those flabbergasted viewers in todays boxing match between Manny Pacman Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley. Everybody is shock, mouth opened. It was unbelievable, All the while I thought Manny Pacquiao will again bring another win for the country but as shocking as it is, the result favored to his opponent Bradley.

The Judges Scored:
Judge Jerry Roth: Pacquiao 115-113 Bradley
Judge C.J. Ross: Pacquiao 113-115 Bradley
Judge Duane Ford: Pacquiao 113-115 Bradley

Landing into a split decision and declaring Timothy Bradley as the new Boxing Champion.

I would not deny the fact that I am an avid fan of Manny Pacquiao in the field of boxing. I am really disappointed with how the game went on specially that all through out the game I know that Manny won the round. But Boxing as any other game do only have one sole winner and a loser of course, and if the Judges think that the score was really meant for Bradley then Let’s just be sport and accept the defeat. However the Pride of all Filipinos still remain when Manny Pacquiao made all his effort to win the match.

Anyhow, I think Bradley gave a good fight, his stamina, his fast movements, the defense, the tactics he used going slow at first then being fast in the end, his continuous jobs and his will to stay standing all through out the game made him win. Pacquiao on the other hand once again showed his skills in boxing making Bradley visibly shaken and somewhat disoriented. His defense made him stay out longer, very patient and persistent in throwing up his jobs, left hand and combinations. Bradley had his issues with head butt’s offenses and Pacman did managed to be not the target of head butt.

How did Manny Pacquiao, the World’s Eight time Champion responded after the defeat?


Below are my Top Three Favorite Highlights of the Game:

Pacquiao hits Bradley Straight on the Face
Bradley Disoriented
Bradley Wins!

How did the Well known People in Boxing Arena Commented after the Bradley-Pacman Fight?

Brett Okamoto ‏@bokamotoESPN
Just spoke to Floyd Mayweather Sr. He thought Pacquiao won. Thought Bradley fought well but definitely lost.

Top Rank Boxing: @BobArum: I don’t think anything was happening here except these people don’t know how to score. They really don’t. #PacBradley

Oscar De La Hoya: “Bradley should have given the belt and announce victory to paquiao right after the decision.”

George Foreman ‏@GeorgeForeman
The fight: Pacquiao was not accurate; Bradley won 2 rd. at the most. Pac was robbed.

And my Comment: Oh I am really sorry, I know that I am being biased with this post. Maybe I just can’t really accept that Manny Pacquiao loses the game. I’m so disappointed. I guess I’ll just wait for the rematch and I bet that we will be expecting a fierce Manny Pacquiao the next time he will face Bradley.