I have been aiming to write this entry for such a long time for these main reasons:

First to Promote Nokia Phones;

Second to help those undecided phone buyers on which Nokia phone suite their needs.

From Budget phones to High end phones Nokia have it all for you.

Let the Tour Begin!

First Stop:

Lumia Phones.

Lumia Phones

Since the first release of Lumia Phones in the Philippine market it has already garnered numerous positive responses from the consumers. Nokia’s latest released windows phone, Lumia captured the eyes of phone fanatics by its stunningly social design and features.

Cool features of Lumia Phones.

Sleek metallic look and delicious colors. Dynamic and fun by design, Lumia Phones are built to let you do what you want to do in a design to be yours.

Live Tiles. Staying in touch is effortless with instant updates on your Start screen. You can create Live Tiles for Groups too, to see what everyone’s up to.

People Hub. You’ll find everyone in one place with the People Hub – all your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and email contacts are there and easy to reach.

Internet Explorer 9. Internet Explorer 9 and HTML 5 make mobile browsing incredibly fast. You’ll enjoy blazingly quick access to news, feeds, and videos, and more. Even streaming videos are smooth and fast.

Free extras like Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive 2.0 and Nokia Public transport. Wherever you are, wherever you will go, this windows phone will be in charge with your direction. Online and offline turn-by-turn navigation with Nokia Drive 2.0 plus always know when to leave with Nokia Public Transport.

To see full Lumia Phones Specification, check:

Lumia 900


Lumia 800

Lumia 800


Lumia 710

Lumia 710


Lumia 610

Lumia 610


See what’s good with these phones is that the price ranges from middle to high average income earners.
Usually, Lumia 610 SRP is just around php10,980, for Lumia 800 SRP is php23, 500 and for the Lumia 900 SRP is php27, 990. As for Nokia 710, units are exclusive for smart and globe postpaid plans.

Go to your nearest Lumia phones and see how it works!

* I will be featuring Nokia Smart phones on my next post* 