Well aside from Lumia Phones, Nokia also have a wider variety of Smart phones.

Just this month, Nokia introduces the coming of Nokia 808 Pure view in the market.

So it will be the first on my list:

Nokia 808 Pureview

Lumia 808 Pureview. The Game changer: Don’t tell me I am kidding if I tell you that this latest Phone has a 41-megapixel sensor with highest performance Carl Zeiss optics to date and Nokia’s brand-new pixel oversampling technology. With a price ranging from php 27,000-28, 000, this smart phone will surely work well specially if you want to capture photos with extra ordinary detail and creativity.

Nokia 808

Visit: <a href="http://www.nokia.com/ph-en/products/phone/808/ for more details" title="Nokia 808" target=”_blank”>http://www.nokia.com/ph-en/products/phone/808/ for more details

Nokia N8. Capture life in detail. Before the launch of Nokia 808, N8 have already invaded the Philippine market. Having 12mp camera this smart phone is suitable for taking snaps and recording videos because of its high quality resolution. It has navigation features GPS, wifi positioning and compass. Operating system is Symbian. Price Ranges from php14, 000- 15,000.


Visit: http://www.nokia.com/ph-en/products/phone/n8-00/for more details.

Nokia 700. Slim, Smart and Speedy. These were the proper adjectives to describe Nokia 700. The Price ranges in the middle of E7 to N8 with an SRP of 11,000- 12, 000. This unit is good as gift items for your kids who enjoy gaming and music.

Nokia 700

Visit:http://www.nokia.com/ph-en/products/phone/700/” title=”Nokia 700″ target=”_blank

Nokia 500. Do you enjoy surfing the net? Roaming around your social networks sites? Nokia 500 is the perfect phone for your Web Experience! With Nokia 500 you can get a lightning fast experience for social networking hubs, email and apps fit in a color that suite you. It offers 1 ghz processor which lets you load web pages and go video streaming in just a seconds. Nokia 500 phone ranges from 7,000- 8500. It is very affordable in that anyone can grab a Nokia 500 on their own!

Nokia 500

http://www.nokia.com/ph-en/products/phone/500/” title=”Nokia 500″ target=”_blank

For more details kindly go to Nokia.Com and enjoy a short tour for their Nokia Product.

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