I have this strong Urge to WRITE.

Yes today, give me this moment please, these are just of the few days when I just want to speak my whole heart out. I just passed that interview, and yeah I am so happy about it, but why is it that a part of me seems really not to be happy? A part of me does not enjoy my success. This was what I wanted and ask right, why? Why part of me feels like this? Why?

Yeah that was my first question.

I still have something to ask my self. Why do I speak so complicated at times? Why can’t I just say yes and no straightforwardly? Why do I still need to go over hundreds of words before I could say just a two letter word? Why do I think so complicated? Some times I think that could it just be me who thinks like I do? Or there are other people as well who thinks even more unconventional than me?

Third, I just want to fixed my thoughts which were in total clutter. Part of me says do this and part of it says do that. Seems like I just can’t fit my thoughts altogether. Must have been that I think I am superman who can multitask. I also think I am a baby octopus who dreams of having her tentacles so I could do everything all at once.

Fourth, my headphone had been destroyed. Hate it! When I got home today, I just found it broken. Yeah and it does not work anymore. I wish to listen to some music but I just can’t coz my headset is broken. One time,a friend of mine told me, he will going to give me a headphone as as gift, but that person just disappeared and I think just like as his gift, I could never have him.

Fifth, how could i say thank you to all the people that I have dealt with today. Him, Him, Him, Her… and everybody. It was a great day, it was an ordinary day that had turn into an extra ordinary one. Thank you God, most of all,coz you made it happen, without you maybe I am not here writing again.

Sixth,Toothache… Oh holy crap for those sweets, they gave me tremendous toothache while writing this. How could I treat toothache anyway?

Seventh, Why does Regina Spektor’s songs so relaxing? Yeah it really is, so try checking her songs so you’ll believe in what I say. She have good song choices and mostly nice songs. I like her so much!

Next, why am I so fond of listing and enumerating things nowadays. I mean what happened to me? Something is wrong I sensed. I just love my new theme. I just really love the simplicity of it and its design.

Last, where am I going into writing? I hate seeing my stats. I think there is something wrong with it 🙂 or am I just telling so,but yeah I was really asking myself, where will I go with this one. Am I really making sense keeping this blog? I don’t know. Or maybe this was just me. Just me, unconventional, illogical weird freak. Oh! let’s omit the word freak, it does not suites me.

*I hope he visits my page, I miss him during this times and I hope he gives me my pink skull head phone*