me and my dad

Dear Tatay,

I love you so much and I am thankful of having you as my Dad! You are my companion when I have no one to run to, you know me when I am sad, you know me when I have problem, you laugh on my silly jokes and most of all even if you don’t tell me, even if you don’t show me, I know your just there ready to catch me when I fall down.I know you are my secret hero.

I am so happy that I have you as my father, you may not be able to give me all the luxuries in my life, but you filled it up with so much love and happiness. We may have bad times especially when I am being hard headed but you try to understand me.

I wish when you grow old, i will also be there to take care of you like when you take care of me every time im sick. I wish I could also serve you your food everyday, I wish I could take you to the park and well just tell stories, look at the sky. I wish I could give you comfort, love and care like you did to me. I wish when you get older I will be there, standing and I will be your hero too.

I love you tatay! I am so proud to be your daughter and I will always be your little girl and will always be allies and whatever makes you happy, Ill go with you.
Coz no one can love a daughter like you do.

Happy Fathers Day Tatay!