Time for Yourself

I am not yet sleepy at the moment I don’t know but must be because I have overdone sleeping 5 hours ago. I guess this is a good chance that I could just sit and reflect. Reflect, find myself, gather my thoughts, this is what I always do every time I am free. They say it is a waste of time, but how could it be wasted if you try to give time for yourself to figure out what you want to do, where do you want to go and how do you feel.

I believed that we should at least spend time with our selves. I mean enjoying being in a solace, being on our own. It is a good meditation, just sitting on the corner of your room, sitting at a bench on a park, sitting under the tree, going into beach (as long as your safe) listening to soft and calm music, watching the sky or the sea. It is a good way to release the stress of your life.

Most of our time, we are too consumed with the heavy activities that we do for living, if you have full time work, if you are full time mom, whoever you are, We are too consumed that we don’t actually find time to treat our selves and know what we truly wants. I know a person who is like this, every morning when he wakes up, he already got his routine, Wake up- Prepare for Work- Go to Work- Work- gets Home- Play with his kids- Sleeps. The same goes the next morning , shifts on Sunday as he spend much of his time to his family, church service , friends and leisure. Yet he doesn’t spend time with his self alone and One day he realized that he needs time for himself. That he was so consumed that he needs a break and he needs to spend time with solitude. He did, He pack his bag, one afternoon and went on a trip alone. He did not bring any gadgets or anything that might be a source of distraction. He just have his music player, listened to it, listened to his inner heart, and observed the things and people around him. He listened closely what his heart tells him. He needs time for himself. To reflect on what had happen to him in the past few years of his life. He clearly saw what he wants to do in the future, what he wants to achieve. He heard his own voice, he spends time with his own self, and it felt good, he felt release and her heart and thoughts came even lighter.

It really does not mean that when you spend your time alone you are a loner. Nope- Sometimes we just need to be alone- to find peace within our selves, to hear our own voices and as I said earlier, it’s a good meditation for everybody. When you feel so consumed, stress, and you just can’t quiet all the people around you, Go into a silent place where you van just be you and feel your inner you. Just close your eyes and listened to music, feel your own self and you will feel rejuvenated afterwards.