A cup full of coffee.

“Each stir, the aroma keeps dragging me back wards… and I am paralyzed, not wanting to move, not wanting to leave, its addicting, contagious, stress frees me as I sipped a cup full of coffee”.

Back to normal I guess. Sometimes I just hate myself from bidding farewell when actually I couldn’t just leave.

Foolish me, stupid, fickle minded, schizophrenic? No.. erased that’s just not me.. Its more of exaggerated side..

But as you notice I’m back.. a bit refresh from all the hassles of life. Yeah, that’s what I do when dull moments comes up in my life.. when I feel bored with what’s happening. I just ran… hide… leave everything… but eventually I come back, when I already breathed out all those negative vibes.

I missed She Writes, I missed my alter ego.. I miss this kind of Shelady thing.. I miss her.. I thought leaving this would just be as easy as it is, but it’s never. Let me just say, It’s hard to stay, but its harder to leave.
A lot of stuffs pressures me to stay, seems like I can’t just jive with my thoughts..I can’t connect with my readers mind. I was like crazy asking myself where She Writes is going. Crap.. It has been like a roller coaster, it offers anything, everything, its been a constant battle with leading what’s trend mixed up with my emotions.. This is what I hate the most, when I don’t know where to focus. When I am not sure of what will I do.. this is applicable to She Writes and my life as well.

I’m happy that somehow my inner soul tells me to write again, I’m more glad that I have regain my thoughts to write again, I guess this is where the word “passion” applies. Im happy… Happy that once more, I know that my dream still doesn’t stop. It was sleeping perhaps, and now its awake.. with fresh mind.

Aside from missing writing here, I also miss reading blog post from my so called inspirations. I guess my favorite blogger Jonel Fernando had stopped writing, maybe he is busy too, maybe he just stop writing or maybe like me he was also trapped into some situations where he needs to find peace alone. Whats up with my favorite Friend Anna’s blog… I bet she haven’t updated her blog too for some reasons, Digital Ballpen still keeps in rolling I woonder what happened with the guy, and ofcourse my close friend’s blog, Siva’s, I recently read his last entry about him joining a new company. And of course I also able to read uponatlas blog and her encounter with the gothic guys…

The world of blogosphere didn’t stop even if we stop writing. It still continues,it didnt wait for us.. It’s up for us to catch up after being dead for so long…

I sipped a cup full of coffee. Stress freed me, It’s contagious, it’s addicting, I dont feel like leaving,not wanting to moved, I’m paralyzed, It’s dragging me forward, the aroma and each stir.

It fills up my mind.

It’s feels good to be home.