I never realized that earning for a living will really be so hard till this week. I have been working for almost 7 months but this is the first time that I felt like crying (i was crying), humiliated, down, stressed and I really felt like walking out.

I admit that must be my fault as well, I let them do anything that they tell me to do, of course that’s part of my job so hence I’m restraining to complain, but I think it’s over. Some times I do the task that is out of job description.Well I have no choice or don’t know if I don’t really have the choice or Am I just being abused because I have been a Yes Girl at the office.
It’s hard to do multi tasking- shit! Talking on the phone, answering all the pop up messages, typing, and getting the details and I don’t know really why I always commit mistakes when I am placing the booking slips, must be because I am doing Three things at the same time so I don’t able to check the details properly.(admitting that it is my fault on this side).

Aside from that what makes my job so difficult were these certain clients who thinks that they have all the right even to insult you. I have taken all their negative words, their unacceptable point, humiliation and their all sorts of blah blah blah. I could no help to think why are these clients so irate when I am being so nice to them. Can’t they also think that whom they are talking with is a human and not a robot who doesn’t have feelings. I know that they are also doing their job but can’t they be modest asking for favor even if I am just getting paid to do the job? Sometimes I felt like answering them back in a rude way but I know that I will turn out to be so unprofessional so I just let them say anything that they want to say and after the call I just sigh and released all the negativity that they bring me.

Next, the other departments in our company. Honestly they add to the stress that I feel on my job. Especially with one of the heads in our department. Admitting that I commit errors in my slips, can’t they tell me in a nice way? Yesterday, she just sent me message that really doesn’t sound nice. It’s really in a rude and sarcastic manner. They always reason out that they have so many task to do and om my side I think it’s just the same because I also have so many task. Sigh- people could really be mean sometimes. Really mean that they don’t know how to apply modesty at all.

Yesterday, I felt like relieved and free knowing that I will have a three day break at all these stuffs. Thank you holiday for freeing me from all this sanity.

However can’t think of the coming Wednesday to come. I feel that there is something wrongs gonna happen.