I love turning this crystal ball upside down so ill be able to see the beauty when it glitters.

Recently, I received a gift from this client who came from Thailand . Let me talk about this client first.

Her name is Julie, she is just on her thirties and we met because of my current job. She is one of our clients and with the everyday calling we seem to catch the heart of each other. She’s a jolly person I must say, moody at times but I loved her humour and talkativeness that when we talk we never run out of something to laugh about and talk to over the phone.

So recently, she went to Thailand for a vacation and when she came back she never failed to buy me a present and as I was saying this was the crytal ball which glitters from the inside with a temple design on its center.

I wanted it to take home but I prefer to leave it at the office so I could be able to see it daily. Lol Honestly I’m wishing that there is a Thai Prince who ill come out from the temple. (I’m kidding ofcourse). But then, this thing seems like to be my anti stress charm, coz whenever I got pressured at work, I just shake it and look at the glitters and it makes me feel good and light.

this was the crystal ball i was referring about.

I have been grateful to received this one, yes because its a gift from a friend and secondly the thought that it actually came from Thailand makes it more precious and valuable to me. I never been to Thailand nor any places away from Philippines and seeing this thing makes me feel that I have been there too lol.

I wish I could travel too.. but I gues for the time being let me just look at this crystal with big dreams and high hopes of travelling.