-Left alone, Here I am, wandering…. with no direction and full of questions.-

Why should it be that we meet people whom we think are the one to stay but in the end we discover that they are not the one to last? Why is it that after learning to love them completely, like you’ve started to make them the center of your life then they just go? Why do we still have to know them, be with them, make them a part of life but in the end you’ll just part ways?

Sometimes, I think love is unfair, It plays with our feelings, it gives us pain, it makes us feel better in the first, makes us feel relaxed, makes us feel comfortable and when we get used to it, then it starts to make us feel at our worse.

Love? Relationship? what are those things? Why do other people thinks that it truly exists yet I am here… I am here thinking where could I really find it? Why am I here, with my heart so in pain? So hurt… So broken?
Yeah my heart is sick. so sick because of Love, because of Love.