So this is still a part of my postaday challenge! I’m thinking of writing something so useful but on these times, I think my momentum is not so good so I’ll just ramble here whatever words will come up my mind.

Last time I wrote here something about Love and it was really one of the lamest entry I ever WRITTEN. Yeah, since I blamed love with all the things that happen to me where in fact I myself was the one to be blame. I just can’t really understand love sometimes, it’s quite complicated or I’m the only one who makes thing so complicated? Anyway, that issue was now settled and as you can see I think I’m feeling good now, (giving you a hint: I get my love back!) 🙂 That’s one of the good news. Maybe some other people think I’m pathetic, but I’m inlove and I don’t know what’s pathetic in loving, getting back your love even though it hurts, I conclude now that Hurting is part of process in loving, It’s something not to be feared of,or it’s not something to be frustrated of, coz after the storm, you learn from it and it makes you a better and stronger person.

Another thing I want to share here is about work matters. It’s funny how time flies so fast. I’m turning one year in my first job and I must say that whoa.. this is what I envisioned the time that I got the job offer. Looking back this was the month when I was so busy doing my thesis last year, by the end of November 2011, I saw that job post at our Campus Bulletin then I got the job offer.. Wow! The scene was still as fresh as just yesterday but It’s been almost a year. I’m happy with my current job, sometimes yeah I can’t help but complain and feel that this isn’t really my field but I just think of how hard is it to find a job so until nothing is sure I’ll just stick with this job. I am blessed with my workmates, they are my friends, we had fun times on idle days.I love the clients, they sometimes tell me Bullshit things but because of them I’m earning, (well some of them are friendly too). I just wished I get my pay increase after my one year, I really need to. I’m thankful of my job because somehow I have been able to finance my own needs, share at home (our bills) and I managed to purchased a prospective business for my brother, (well it’s still a debt which I’ll continue paying for two years) but I’M HAPPY, CONTENT. Something just really bothers me, coz I haven’t been saving, I’m afraid that what if there’s an emergency? 😦 It really bothers me so I just pray to God everyday to keep my family out of sickness and danger.

Because My Life is sparkling!

Lately as well, I have been into analyzing myself and my feelings. Have you ever did that? Quality checking yourself? What do you lack? What do you want to do? What will make you happy? How will you be good? Some questions like that…It helps too that I stay alone at home, after sis moved, I felt completely responsible with everything, though yes, Sometimes I felt like I’m not doing my best at least but I’m trying.

Lastly with all the troubles that I am encountering I thank God that he never leaves me. I am so strong with him coz I know that if God is with me then who can go against me? His words really strengthen me that why I always find a time during the day to read Bible scriptures.

I am going to do a daily schedule of the things I want to do too, (it was because of Anna why I came up with this idea)so I’m gonna try so I can do everything I want to do one step at a time.

:)Bye for now.

Second Day of Post a Day Project: I SURVIVE!