Disclaimer: The following entry might sound and look like amateur movie review. I suggest you to read this with open mind and a heart that has no room for any judgments. Further development for creative writing and professional output is being enhanced. Thank You.

Okay, so this is my First-so-called Movie Review and this is still a part of my postaday challenge. Well, I don’t really want to make it look like a movie review, but what else can we call it? Anyway, I bet you read the disclaimer first before you made up your mind to read the entire content. 
Last night, I watched this movie called Hachiko and I couldn’t believe the impact of the movie on me. I was crying at the half of the movie – Oh wait- crying is not just the perfect term, I was sobbing, tears just kept on falling and I can’t stop till the movie ends and still after I already shut down my laptop, no exaggeration. The story is about a Dog and his Master, some of you might be familiar with the story and if you could relate with me just click the like button 
Okie, this is it, well the Story is about the dog named Hachiko and his master Mr. Parker played by Richard Gear. Let me just summarized it, (I’m really not good at this). Hachiko was a dog owned by a japanese monk and I think the monk send it to a friend. But suddenly something happened and the Dog was left roaming at the Train station and Mr. Parker found him. Mr. Parker like the dog a lot but he had no intention of keeping the dog so he did everything even putting a Lost and Found to anywhere. However it seemed like there was no owner of the dog, so in the end he took the responsibility of caring for it and he named it Hachiko. He loved the Dog so much even if his wife disagreed to keep the dog in his care. As Hachiko grew up, he always accompanied his master at the Train station; Hachiko goes with him every morning and sit in front of the Train station every afternoon to wait for his master. This went on for years and years and the people who were always at the train station were so amazed by Hachiko. Until Hachiko’s master died, Gosh… that was the most touching part, that’s when I started to cry. Hachiko stayed at the train station the whole day and the whole night and waited for his master. The master’s daughter husband came to fetched Hachiko at the train station that night but the next day Hachiko returned to the train station again, and there he patiently waited for his master who never came.
For nine years Hachiko waited in front of the train station. There’s this part wherein the Train watcher, one night sits with Hachiko and told him that his master would never came back. The movie was really touching, till now I am still overwhelmed with that movie. The ending was after 10 years, Hachiko died and finally saw his master came out of the train station but of course it happened on their second life.
Hachiko was a real story that took place in Japan so many years ago, and today, Hachiko’s image was built at the place where he usually sit and wait for his master.

A very good movie isn’t it? I am not a dog lover nor a pet owner but seeing this movie I got more aware of how…How Dog can really be a Man’s Besfriend, Well, I’m pretty sure that there can be so many articles to proved this, Go to yahoo… and you could read How a Dog stayed at the tombstone of his master, or How A dog save his master who was so drunk and was about to be hit by a train. So many different stories, but only one portrays A Dog’s unconditional loyalty to his master. That’s it. DOGS feel, they care as much as we care, Show them love and they’ll give you more, something that people. “us” cannot or impossible to do.

Loyalty! Love! Faith! This is what I learnt about Hachiko, he never lose hope that someday his master will come back. And that is what I want people “us” to have, something so priceless, something so heartwarming and overwhelming. –Sigh-

I already got carried away.. Sorry, this was a movie review yet I have my emotions integrated in it… lol.
Anyway, I enjoyed writing this amateur movie review.
One last word: If you have any pet, love it. If you don’t have, why not start owning one and give them Love. Someday that love that you gave them, will be given back to you.

Happy Reading!