I’m listing here the prospective titles that I might write about the coming days πŸ™‚

This is just the INTRODUCTION lol.

Since I have so many things in mind, I would like to write them out here before I could totally forget all about it.

1. How often do you post Status updates? (I’m thinking of a better title than this [thinks][thinks][thinks]

At least- a relevant post.. not just status like “sleeping..”, “eating..”, or “texting” arrrggghhhh.. Can’t they post status with sense, I mean more informative.. Something that is worthy to share..

-waits- I think my Title was really wrong.. How about?

1. How relevant your Social status updates are?


2. Finding Time with God out of your busy schedule

What do you think? Title revision?

Actually I want to share how out of my busy time find time to listen and connect with god. Admit it, who amongst of you find time to read bible or listen to sermons or attend to church just to make up with god everyday. Don’t get me wrong, I know some will totally opposed to this.. but ohh.. Ill make you understand.

3. Keeping Up with WordPress

Since I am one of the brave hearted people who chose to be a part of the Post a Day challenge, I also want to share how… of all means I kept myself up for this challenge. I have no net connection at home, and WordPress is restricted site at our office. (I wonder why..??) So with all these troubles, how do I keep up with WordPress?

4. How being Ms. Nice could be bad at times?

Hmmm.. Yeah i am one of those 😦 I love being nice but sometimes I felt I’m being abused. That’s why I wanted to write my rants about being nice.

5. I’m still thinking… whew…I might be exhausted with the thoughts that were just spinning around my mind so Ill better write it again here once I composed my thoughts.


So as I said that was just an introduction. Sorry Guys, decide if you still want to keep up reading this.. If your game, please continue reading…

It’s Ber months… Have you heard of Christmas songs airing over the radio nowadays? Well, the first time I heard of Christmas song was as early as September 1, 6AM in the morning and it served as my alarm. I love Christmas songs, there’s something about it that makes me happy and excited upon hearing it. I think it’s a good sign for me, as early as September first I am already anticipating the coming of Christmas… though all of my Christmas were quite not happy moments, i STILL LOVE Christmas. Its a different feeling, everyone seems to be happy, I love the lights, the foods, I love the noise that Christmas Brings. I also love the feel of the air of Christmas, the presents and all the merry making. I love Christmas specially when spent with my family.

Ohhh…I love Christmas though it brings me sad memories…I guess my hope that there’s always a new year to celebrate Christmas is what makes me excited with the coming Christmas.

Waiting for December 25th.