Before I begin writing my post I just want to thank someone who have a kind heart to post my previous entry. Thank you so much!

Hi fellow bloggers and readers, this is just another day to start and for today, I want to write about something that most all of us “GIRLS” and (okie) let’s inlude the “guys” probably had experience- “The Heartbreaking Break Up experience”.

It doesn’t if it is a long term or just a week old relationship; we can’t actually say that all love stories end up in Happy Endings. Most of the time our relation ends up saying goodbye with the person we love, and telling our self the most used line in break up: “Well I gotta move on and let go”.

On the contrary, saying “goodbye”, “I gotta move on”, and “I got to let go” lines is not easy as we think. It’s not easy specially for those who were deeply in love with their partners or for those who have been betrayed by their loved ones or those who spent most of their lifetime with whom they think are the “perfect one” or the “the one” for them. Leaving is not easy. Saying goodbye is the hardest and Moving on is somehow quite impossible..

It hurts.

Broken Hearted

So here I am writing about the 3 D’s that we must avoid doing after a breakup. Here’s the disclaimer again, I am not an expert love consultant or Have I tried falling out of love and aching for heartbreak, (ooopppsss except just recently but I managed to fixed it up) so it’s up to you if you’ll trust me with this article or not. But I suggest you give it a try!

First D:

de-cep-tion [dih-sep-shuhn]


1. The action of deceiving someone.
2. A thing that deceives.

Don’t deceive yourself, because often after a break up we deceive our self, giving false hope to our hearts, expecting for something that will never happen.

For example: You and your boyfriend broke up because of a third party, you really loved him, you stayed together for so many years let’s say 10 years, and you thought he’s the one, the perfect one whom you’ll spend your life with, whom you’ll walk with in the isle and in front of the church altar. You picture yourselves owning a home, building a family, raising children and growing old. You already planned it but one day, he told you, “Honey (or whatever your terms of endearment are), I want to tell you something. I can’t go on… “, (something like that) or worse you caught him kissing with another girl or making out with another woman. That hurts isn’t it? You are hurt. Yet you cant just give him up so you deceived your self, you trick your self. You say it’s okie, it’s alright as long as he stayed with you, or you try and tell him it’s alright you could share him with another woman just as long as you own his heart. Duh…what the F. Why gave in to such lame deceptions. Why?

Let me just end up with this quote from an anonymous author: “Though dreams can be deceiving, like faces are to hearts, they serve for sweet relieving, when fantasy and reality lie too far apart.”

de·ni·al /diˈnīəl/


1. The action of declaring something to be untrue
2. The refusal of something requested or desired.

Denial… Yes, when we deceive our selves, we enter a state of in denial. A state wherein we deny the reality, we refused to admit and digest the true facts.
Let’s take my first example, so he told you he is breaking up and you say you can’t.. You must really love him that you can’t just let him go, you have to fight. But let’s say it’s really not gonna work, it’s no hope. What will you do? Most women, say they are fine. They can do it on the first days of break up, but look! You’re not a robot, you have a heart which differentiate you with a robot, don’t deny what you feel because heart is created to feel.. to be happy, to get hurt, to feel pain, all of it. Our heart is designed to feel those, don’t pretend. It’s Okie to cry. Its Okie to let it all out, let your emotions be heard, let your woes and torments out of your heart. Don’t deny your true feelings. Don’t try to say, I can forget him with just a snap. You take it slow. Chew it, Feel it and after you’ll get better. You will. You should be.

The Last D is Desperation.

des·per·a·tion /ˌdespəˈrāSHən/

A state of despair, typically one that results in rash or extreme behavior.

Worse case.
Want to be desperate? You want to be called as one? See desperation is something that people do because they don’t think. They are hopeless and the last thing that they can do is the lamest decision they can ever make. Desperation.
Why would be desperate for someone whom is not worth it. Life has so many options, if Plan A, Plan B, Plan C fails you still have the rest of the letters upto Z to continue. Our options do not only rely from A-C. We have limitless options. We have infinite choices and it always end up in two paths. The good (for the betterment of yourself) the other one is the Bad (for your own self destruction) the latter is what happens when you become desperate.
Because desperation from 1 out of 10 can only produce 1 good output to us with of course luck and fortune along its way. 🙂

So if your broken hearted, a freshly heart broken and still mending your broken heart, don’t ever let this Three D’s ruin your life. Don’t be deceived, don’t be in denial, and lastly don’t do any desperate act. Life goes on, Love just come and Go, We will never stop loving till we find the one for us… Live life and enjoy it to its fullest.

*Objections are accepted and corrections are mostly welcome. *

Note: This article is inspired from Mr. Paolo Punzalan of Victory Church of Asia Podcast.

I personally don’t know him but I must say thank you for inspiring me to write this post. 🙂