September 20, 2012

Dear Mr. Rooney87_cool,

Hey Mister Rooney, How are you?
I supposed you were surprised receiving this email, (because I just send you emails when I am so mad at you and I can’t type it in YM). Just this morning you asked me when will I write an entry about love and as an immediate respond to your request here I am writing this email. It has really been a long time since we’ve been together but it has also been really long time since haven’t been together, it’s contrary right? But then I know your genius enough to know what I mean.

Our love story is far different from other love stories, we have been doing this for four years and It really surprises me that we never get too tired sending each other emails, ym’s and all the sort of possible communication to bridge the gap between us. It’s really difficult when the one you love is from Jupiter and I am on Earth. See just renting a spaceship to deliver you here is quite expensive for me to do so.(lol) Please forgive me but since this is an open letter I would like to ask you if what made you fall in love with me? I have a big flat nose and I am really not so beautiful (except that I have a beautiful long legs) that’s is all I have (huhu) and I hope that I am just a legs and nothing but legs lol, but seriously I want to know why, why did you chose me as your girl because I am asking myself too, why did I fall for you? (lol)
I guess we somehow have an answer to my questions and yeah you should reply here and tell me Why do you love me? I always ask you that question because I always want to hear your answers to that question. ha-ha

My email is quite long, I hope I am not making you bored. Last words Mister, I am happy to have you and I know you are worthy for my love. We might be thousand miles away with each other but for me your just here- Here inside my heart. My days will be so empty without you. (Ahem)… Of course it will not be empty I’m just exaggerating lol.. but really I think that you the perfect one for me. BTW, You know what? You are do lucky! Coz supposed to be this is my 100st blog entry but I chose to write you an email rather than posting it there :P.

I am still willing to wait for couple of more years for you (so to enjoy the feeling of being single ahaha) but as you know you already own my heart. Don’t worry, If I win the lottery I’ll buy you a ticket bound for earth so we can soon be with each other. I love you so much and I thank you for being there always, everyday of my life, letting me feel your presence even though were miles apart.

PS: Please don’t forget that I want an infinity ring if ever the time comes that you’ll soon be flying to earth.

and oh I forgot You did also ask me definition of love earlier and my answer is YOU. LOVE IS YOU, because I feel love when I am with you.

Ill be waiting for your reply.

Yours alone,