The Other Woman
Not so long ago, my dad met someone whom he thinks will be the second woman for him to love for the second time around.

I couldn’t count the years when my mom and dad separated; I’m still young back then. Time and time goes by and I realized that okie there was really no hope between the two of them so I should live with it, deal with it and accept that it will really never gonna work out. On my younger years, I used to live with my father and I really salute and respect him for bringing no other woman at home. He devoted his years taking care of me and my other sibs. You know what guys, I could talk and talk all about the good things that my dad had done for us and I know that I’ll never run out of something nice to share about him because he really is good and he deserves it…

Anyway, let’s get back, months ago my dad told me that he wanted me to meet someone. Deep inside myself I know that “that someone” has something to deal with his girl, coz I have seen him going out and talking on phone, texting acting like a teenager, sweet 16 and so in love. In respond to him I just said who but then he told me I should get ready for a dinner at home (that was one Saturday night if I remember it right).
So that Saturday night came, I wasn’t nervous at all instead I felt so powerful since I know that I am at my own territory. If there is someone who should shrink at her place, it should be the other woman coz she is entering into some difficult situation in her life.
So there we seated, my dad, the woman and opposite to her was me. Dad was pretending to be casual, cooling the air between the two of us, and doing all the talks. The lady was quite uncomfortable I guess and I pretend to be cool as well. She was nice I think, but of course I could never get to like her on the spot or be well with her nor even judge her at our first meeting. The dinner ended with just Dad talking and her making casual smiles and me just nodding, pretending to be enjoy with what’s going on and seemingly looking friendly and nice out of respect to her.

I could still remember that the night after dinner, I chatted with my friend and told her about my rants with Dad and the Lady.

It’s not easy to accept, It is not easy to trust someone whom you completely don’t know but seeing my dad happy, seeing my dad in love again, seeing that there is someone who takes care of Dad, giving him something that we definitely couldn’t give, It makes me think that why should I go against Dad’s happiness?

Maybe at some point in here, we could have been in the same situation. It could be your mom or your Dad too who has found a new love after you mom, or you could be the other woman…
How do you feel?

If you ask me how I feel I would say, the idea is not acceptable, until now I couldn’t really see myself befriending my Dad’s Girl. Maybe in time, I will, I am not closing my heart to accept her, and it’s just now or today is not the perfect time to be goody-goody with her. For me she should still prove herself that she will love Dad unconditionally and never break his heart.

I am not someone who could go against my Dad’s happiness; after all I think he deserves all the best. As my friend Anna told me, if you see him happy then do what makes him happy. I agree.

I also don’t see her replacing my mom’s place because she can’t really never ever replace my mom. My mom is my mom and she is my Dad’s lover. The two is totally different.

I am not blaming the girl either, If he really loves Dad, or blame her for falling in love with Dad coz Dad really is a heart throb (if he is reading this, he might be overextending his smile) ha-ha.. But yeah seriously I would even thank her for loving Dad when the time comes.

In time, in time, in time…. in time I know… I COULD REALLY ACCEPT HER TO BE A PART OF OUR FAMILY, IN TIME, But definitely not as early as today.