Good morning Monday 🙂

Another week again, as I woke up today a fresh new post idea came up in my mind and in the next coming days (including today) I will be writing about Five girls in my life whom I am really thankful of. Well yeah, They deserved to be in my page since I am so grateful to have them and this is one of the ways in which I could show them and the world that they truly are appreciated.

So lets begin..

Thank you Sis!

Yeah, she is my sister Mel, (she is older than me by 10 years) and she have been a good and loving sister ever.
We are inseparable, where one goes the other will go too. She is the kind of a sister who is yeah (strict) but sweet, caring and very forgiving.

Sis and I

I still remember when we were still young, she used to be my playmate, we will play paper dolls and dress up games. She is the one who taught me how to write as well, she took care of me when mom was not around and until now she still does. I like it when at night she will hug me, I feel so secure when she did that. I love it when she makes me laugh at toughest times and how she encourage me to do things. (I never thought that writing this stuff could make me cry, but yeah, I’m crying).
My sister at times of trials would stand up and act like the foundation in our family, She was the bravest of us all, She would try to show us that she is strong even though the situation is too hard. She would make us feel comfortable like nothing is wrong in times of trial and I love it about her.
my pretty sister on peace sign

People say she is far more beautiful than I am,yes absolutely right. She has a white complexion and I am dark, to be in short she is pretty and I am ugly lol. When were together guys would often look at her but she’s snob so it ends that all her suitors used me as a bridge to my sis, and I enjoyed it so much especially when those guys gave me gifts as well. Same goes to me but sad to say when he doesn’t like the guy for me she does her own way to shoo that guy,lol.

Me and sis like other sibs sometimes do have miss understandings as well.Most of the times we have sister fights, but the best thing about us two is that no matter how long our fights could last, no matter what hurtful words have said, we still end up comforting each other. I just wish when we fight I don’t answer her back and say nasty things.

My sister had done all sacrifices for our family especially for me. Since mom is not around she took the responsibility of being a mother to us all. She would attend my affairs at school, she would be my personal assistant when there are events at school, she would prepare all the things I need, I mean she did everything that a mom does to her children and for that I am truly grateful having sis.

this might be the reason why sis still remains single, lol
see how we differ???

Allow me just to say Thank you sis! For all the things, I am not a good sister to you I know, I don’t obey you sometimes, I tend to be hard headed and I know you hate me when I act like I can stand on my own attitude,but sincerely I appreciate everything you have done for me. I could not ask for any sister other than you, coz having you as my sis there’s nothing to ask for more.