I missed posting something here yesterday.

Well I have been quite busy the past four days and yesterday was the most busiest since I am rushing this project. I have this thesis document writing part time job and my students need this by Monday.Gosh- I am really exhausted doing this thesis dissertation but since this is my first time and I don’t want to fail Alex, the guy who didn’t had any doubt offering and entrusting me this project and of course I also don’t want to fail those students who are willing to pay for me in writing this thesis. I want the best for them too and hope that they will pass. So I have to be at my best and apply the things that I learned when I was writing my own thesis.

It was quite funny since this project had been offered to me the second time around, I rejected it the first time because I am really afraid of the responsibility and I also doubt my capability to write someone else’s thesis documents. So when Alex called me the first time I told him that I have a full time work and I can’t managed to do it, but the truth is that I am just one of a big coward. So months passed by then I had contact with Alex again, then he suddenly brought up the topic back, and because I am in need of money (well yeah, because I have so many bills to pay) I just said, Okie let me try again, and I did!

It was last Thursday since I started this out, I stayed up till 2 in the morning, go to office by 9, then work it out again till 2 am then the routine goes on and on till today. I admit that it was not really easy at all, there were times that I really feel sleepy at work, times when I need to drink energy drinks, five cups of coffee, times when I think that I am running out of words and ideas and times that I also think that Mr. Google is running out of ideas as well :). The secret here is proper time management because aside from my work I also have to divide my time with friends, with works at home, with family and with other things. If ever I finished writing this one, well it would be one of the things which I considered as my greatest achievement.

I could still remember when I was writing my own thesis dissertation. The thoughts on how I ranted about Peter and Aladin not helping me, the sleepless nights, it was all worth it. It was fun too. I mean fun in the sense that you grouped with people whom you totally don’t know but then there is something that bonds you together. Its like having no choice but to deal with them, and those nights when we stayed at Aladin’s place, it really helped me to delve deeper to their lives.

Me, Peter and Aladin on the day of our Final thesis Presentation

I missed these Guys!

The two had become like a little brother to me, I have to look after them, I got to know something more personal about them, I got to know their real sides and the judgment that I cast on them on our first meeting was not their real identities at all. I just realized now that the two of them… they were one of my inspirations that’s why I did strive hard to work on that thesis. As much as I wanted to passed the IT PROJECT subject, I also want them to passed and graduate together with me. Its just sad that Aladin didn’t make it together with me and Peter, maybe he wants to do something more better in his life that’s why he chose the other way. Nostalgic, I haven’t get in touch with the two, I wonder what happened to them now.

At some point, I also pity these students who did not even tried doing their thesis. They missed a part of their college life I guess. They missed a chance to experience the real fun and labor of their four years in life. Too sad for them… too sad really, they won’t reap the fruits of success out of their own sweats. Well, maybe, I would use them as my inspiration this time, I want them to passed IT project for their parents or for those people who sends them to school. I Will! and this will fuel my spirit to work at my best and be able to finished this project today.

-Because part of me wants to write somebody else’s story to success. 🙂

Bye for now, Ill be working on this thesis. My schedule says its time to start.