Days had been busy the whole week, I really had hard time finding
a perfect moment to just rest, sit down infront of my computer and update my blog.
My sister just came from Manila and I have to keep her company
and spend most of my time with her just to make up with that month long vacation she
had at Manila.

Anyway, I have so many stories to tell but I don’t want to disappoint myself and my readers
who were waiting for that five girls in my life post. I bet I still have today and tomorrow to
complete this task so I’ll make the most out of my remaining time.

For today, the second person I want to recognized was my Best friend Anna.
Please follow her blog too.. here’s the link: anna’s blog

Well Anna and I met back when we were on our first year in college . I don’t know but maybe
we were destined to be friends since I already met her before we could actually meet.
Yeah, its like because we have something in common, Her mom and my mom are both Overseas
workers and one of the benefits of Overseas worker parent here in our country is that they’re children can apply
for a scholarship once they graduate from high school.
So when I was completing my requirements for that scholarship, the representative who assisted me gave me
Anna’s papers instead of mine and I have it signed. 🙂 It was too late when I noticed that it was not my papers after I read it.
So that was the first time I met Anna.

How did we actually met at college was the thing I could not totally remember. I think we were seating next to each other
and I approached her or she approached me, but I bet I approached her since Anna was the kind of girl who is snob and unfriendly
(lol) She might kill me for calling her unfriendly..but I bet that she’s aware of that.. 🙂
Well, I really can’t remember how everything started but what I do remember were the fun moments I had with her. I can still remember how we spent
our free time at 7/11 eating our regular hotdogs, stuffed pandesal with c2 or Big 250, siopao and the shake it fried noodles in pouches. 🙂
I could still remember how we go to SM North and check out the different stalls there, and after she will treat me to McDonald for a coke float.
I could still remember how we stayed up too late at night and talked about her crush (the guy who played guitar) sometimes she even
tops at my balance just so we could exchange message more, I could still remember how we just talked at the side of our room (the computer room)
and there we would talk about anything and everything.

Well there are times we also have misunderstandings, we can’t help it, we have two major fights I guess and maybe countless of minor
“dont talk with me” moments but were able to sort it out. The good things about the two of us is that we know each other already and we know our limits and boundaries.

Please find time to read this cutie cute message I sent her before, I told her I’ll be posting it to my blog and I think this is the perfect timing to post this.

(anna in red)
(me in white)

Haven’t you thought of like “us” being like this?

Okay, agree, I am not your so called best of friend,

We’re way too different, from almost anything…

You were too detailed to think and I am more of broad thinker,

You almost know what you want and I’m here getting hard time to tie the knots and fixed the puzzles of my life,

You work with things the futuristic way and I go the traditional way.

You were more like of the talker and I go to be the listener.

I can go on listing more of our differences and end up till tomorrow writing this.

love when were together

But then amidst all of our indifferences we still stand to be like this.

And no matter how distant we are,were still able to communicate in our own little ways out of our busy scheds.

I thank you coz yes lets admit most of the times you do the initiative to extend and reach for me.

You are the communication initiator,

I know how you complain coz’ most of the times too,I end up sleeping while were chatting…

But I do make up too for those lost times lol..

I appreciate the time when we do chat even in the wee hours of the night,

Then we talk about our plans, about our dreams, our fears,

she used to call me on Christmas and greet me 🙂
my beauty stylist

About fashion, about religion, about common friends, about you friends,

About movies, about our latest common denomination, ofcourse our blog,

About what’s going on with our families, about our love lifes (sometimes)

About our problems, about our anxieties, about almost everything.

You never fail to share and I never fail to listen… ahem (lol)

Oh, I’m not saying that we are the best, because there were times that our of our indifferences

There are moments of tensions? Misunderstanding and miscommunications.

So far our last worse fight was back when we were still in college, I guess because were both

Genious we learnt fast and made adjustments with each other .

Nowadays, maybe there were still “inis moments”

from the both of of us but hmmm somehow we manage ourself to understand each other ryt..

Or have we accepted each other the way we were born? Lol

Closing this up, I must say thank you veronica(anna) for being one true friend

I won’t claim to be your best friend, but I’m happy and proud to be atleast one of your closest friend

Whom you can share your life and secrets with.


To my Dearest Veronica,

Betty will never be complete without you.

Thanks and I love you. x.o.x.o