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Malala Yousafzai

Dear bloggers,

As for my entry for the photo challenge I am using this photo from to give tribute for someone big not literally but someone who is BIG for her courage, for her braveness, her beliefs, contributions, her principles in life at a very young age.

Meet Malala Yousafai, fourteen year old girl, student, co blogger and advocate to education who does not fear to voice out her cry for freedom. Someone who at young age thinks something Big for the future, somebody who did not fear for something big, someone who did big thing such as sacrificing her life for her principles, for belief, for her dream.

She is someone who is Big for me.

Posting here my prayers for Malala.

Dear Lord,

I am praying for this little girl whom I don’t personally know.

I know you have plans for her, and whatever it is it shall be done.

Give her strength to surpass the current situation she is facing right now,

Give protection to this innocent girl who did not want any but rights for everyone.

Give peace to their country, peace to those who opposed her and peace to the heart of the one who put bullet on her.

Dear Jesus, the power of your hands never fails. Touch the heart of her assassin. Touch it that he may feel you in his life.

Most of all Dear Lord lay your hands to Dear Malala. Heal her wound and heal her heart.

May this be the end of all the sorrows in Pakistan .

In Jesus name, I pray.