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Today was my happiest day ever in the history of my blogging experience.

Yesterday, after posting this week’s Big photo challenge, Likes and comments kept on coming my page. The truth was when I read the theme for this week’s photo challenge I was looking back at old photos which I can share herein as “BIG”. I actually picked one; it’s a stone, a Big Stone taken at our Bolinao trip last May. I was writing my post at office about that Big Challenge but work kept on coming that I can’t focus writing something. So I allow myself to take a break, I opened my Yahoo then read the news. The first thing to appear there was a photo of Malala. I was like curious what had she done so I opened it and read the whole story and googled for another and another.

As I read all of these, I told myself she is something BIG. She fits to be called Big. And what I had written below that photo that I posted yesterday was actually the first things that came to my mind. I was actually hesitant of posting it yesterday; I was checking others blog and all I can see were things… Big things and I was like I have different interpretation of this something Big, Should I or shouldn’t I? My inner self told me It was not for me, It’s for my will, It’s for that Girl, The article was not about me at all. So I clicked published without expecting anything, well no, not at all, I was expecting that my readers would laugh about me when they read this.

As the time pass, minute by minute I kept on receiving Likes , well not only likes but comments too and my stat went up to 90 which is my highest views since I started writing. I was so happy, happy because I never expect it that way, happy because I know I am not the only one who prayed for Dear Malala, I know that when my readers read that entry we shared the same prayers. They prayed with me. I was happy, happy to know that Malala is not alone with this battle, because she has all of us as support.

You know what Guys, I actually realized so many things upon writing this post and I also want to share it here.
First is that when we are extremely emotional over something it could actually bring out the best in us. I was in mixed emotions when I was writing this one, I pitied Malala. I was in rage with the Talibans, I am hopeful with God’s power and these mixed emotions gave me the courage to post this entry.

Second is that People are so compassionate. Yes they are. We maybe in different countries, we may speak in different tongues but when we faced a Big situation we come as one. We share the same feelings, we are united.

Third is that Blogging is something so powerful that it could actually change the world. Watch how Malala used Blogging to fight for their right to have education. Look how we shared the same emotions and expressed our admiration for her. It’s through blogging which connects people to people, country to country; this is the power of Blogging.

Lastly, let me just gave a word to the people who left comments to my articles, to my followers, likers, visitors and readers.

You just don’t know how you made me happy Guys.

Happy in a sense that I know I came to touch your hearts. Happy because I know even though I have poor grammar you let me pass. Happy that you clicked that Follow and Like button. Your comments lift my heart to do better and be at my best. I am happy that you let me be myself. You with those simple actions changed me and give me courage and hope. It was a different feeling.

It is.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

No words can actually be said rather than thank you.
Most of all, I ask you to let this feeling which I am feeling right now be shared to others. I encourage you to click Like, Follow and Comment each time that you find something interesting or something beautiful or for every blog that you encounter. Show appreciation to each one of the blogs you encounter.

Because you never know how you could change one bloggers life with a single click.