I have a few encounters with some people who have this kind of attitude. It is quite impressive but sometimes it’s kinda irritating too. It seems like they have all the answers to my questions and they even debate with one another whether which facts is true or which one is not? I was like “Don’t I have any questions which can’t be answered by them?”

Before I also have this kind of attitude, when somebody asked me, I would always arrived with answers even though I’m uncertain, It’s because I want to pleased people. I want to give answers to all their questions so they might find me useful, but I admit it that I’m wrong. It is never wrong to say, I don’t know the answer or let’s ask somebody for the answers. It is better to say you don’t know rather than pretending to know it all.

I knew this certain person who has that attitude. Every time asked, he always has answers at hand. He would go like answering the specific question you ask then modify it like as if you don’t know it. But the fact is you just want to know certain details. Sometimes I know it that what he is saying already is not connected to what I am saying and when I tell him he would disagree with me and emphasize his point. Instead of making him feel shame by providing proofs that he is wrong I would just go silent and would just pretend to agree with what he says, that is to avoid argument.

There’s this which I know who thinks she knows it all as well. I am too confused sometimes whether they are just saying their opinions or what they are saying is a fact. This person regards herself highly because she thinks that she knows it all. At work this person would not abide with what her superiors would say because she speaks like this, “I know my work, I know I am doing the right thing or Why would I follow her, I have my own ways, I will do it with how I know it”. Or sometimes this person would say, “How Idiot he was, it is so simple yet he can managed or he can’t understand”. Every time I heard her speak this way, I am being turn off with the person. It is because I know that no one knows it all and the mentality of others is not similar to the other.

There are still many scenarios which could prove that most of the people have a –know- it- all attitude. I am part of the number of its population too (well sometimes, before).
But I realized that it is never wrong to humble yourself and say you don’t know unless you’re a genius. Not knowing at all doesn’t mean you’re a bum; it’s just maybe you haven’t heard of the idea yet or maybe you’re new to that thing. Expressing your opinion too is okay but regarding your opinion as a fact is something wrong.
I guess in order to get rid of this attitude; we should learn to humble ourselves. Because when we humble ourselves it teaches us to accept the one’s point of view. It teaches us to shut down our pride which is the main trigger to the- know- it- all attitude.

What do you think?