When I was a little girl maybe five to seven years old, my late grandmother would often tell me about Dragon stories. She would start her story by saying there is a certain creature which lurks in our river and watch for children who are stubborn, liar and disobedient. She told me that she saw it once when she was a child like my age. Then she would encourage me to close my eyes and sleep otherwise that creature which she calls as a dragon would come out, take me to the river and eat me up. I still remember asking her if the dragon is real and she would answer me that Dragon really exists. At some nights, still on my younger age, I would dream about a devilish creature like a big fish coming out the river, creating huge waves and chasing after me while I am playing.

When we had our very first owned TV I began to picture what a true dragon looks like. It is not how I picture it with grandma’s stories neither what I saw on my dreams.

Dragon defined by dictionary.com is a mythical monster generally represented as a huge, winged reptile with crested head and enormous claws and teeth, and often spouting fire. It is fierce, it is violent. Sometimes it resembles like a huge serpent or snake. Definitely like how I felt when my grandma tells stories, it is frightening.

Twenty years had already passed and I still haven’t seen a real Dragon. I mean the Dragon that is coming out of our village river. Must have I been good girl? I have seen Dragons on TV and over the internet but none of it exists in my real life.

I think grandma just told me a fiction regarding that Dragon story to frighten me and make me sleep. I now understand why she did that.

I think all of us possess unique dragons in our life. It is inside our hearts. Some may still be sleeping, some might be in the process of blooming, some are well developed and tamed and some chose to rebel and be in the dark side. As we get older we tend to discover what kind of Dragon we have.

This dragon I am talking about is our inner self and it has two shades, one good and one dark. It is us who shapes this dragon inside of us. Upon getting older we tend to experience and witness many things around us. The feeling that we feel when we respond to these circumstances is what awakes the dragon inside our hearts. For example, how do we feel when we see tragedies like earthquake or any natural calamities hitting a country? Do you feel compassionate about those who suffer? Do you pity them? How do you feel? Most probably you feel sad about it, upset and compassionate to its people, the feeling of sadness is what wakes your dragon up and urge you to do something for those people affected.

What about unleashing the dark side of your dragon? Let’s take this simple instruction. You live in a slum area, you witness poverty, you feel hunger, violence surrounds you, and how do you respond? Some may be carried with the flow of their environment; because of hopelessness they tend to unleash the dark side of their dragon. They tend to kill, they tend to rob, to steal and this is how they shape the dragon inside of them.

Even simple choices we do and the feeling that it creates in our daily living will affect how we will grow the dragon in us. As we grow old, our dragon does too. As we learn, the dragon inside us does learn too and as we feel, the dragon inside us responds to our feelings.

Going back to my grandma’s stories, I think she had just unleashed the feeling of fear from my dragon and my dragon respond to it for obedience. My dragon had been tamed for it’s stubbornness that time.

Relating the story to my realization I now say, I am in charge of shaping my dragon, actually we are in charge of choosing and shaping our dragon. We could choose the good side or the bad side no matter what circumstance we face. We are the master of our dragon. That Dragon is born together with us, it grows together with us and it will die together with us.

Dragon exists deep within us.

The question is how do you shape your Dragon?