“I picked up the phone, listened quietly on the other line while my Boss is talking with the client. I know it was quite disrespectful to eavesdrop, but I asked for my Boss permission to let me listen to the client so I will know what she had to say”.

Client: “She is like stupid. Is she new? She is so careless, I am so irritated to her, I don’t like her”.

This was the worse criticism I have so far encountered. I was on the other line, teary eyed, ashamed, broken. I was so down and my level of confidence was shattered.

But I don’t regret that day that I picked up the phone that time, First it saves time and courage for my boss to open up and talk about the topic and second is that I learned the best lesson in my life in the most bitter way.
Had you ever faced such criticism in your life?
Hearing it with your own ears? It might tear you especially if you’re a type of a person who is not used to dealing with mistakes and negative feedback. Maybe someone dislikes you or dislike an attitude of yours, maybe they are quite turn off with your habits or didn’t appreciate your art piece, which do you prefer? Hearing it personally or Hearing it from other person?

Although these bitter negative comments can be heartbreaking, it is better to know and hear it right? Sometimes, we hear it the hard way but there will always be times too when we are told about it the nicest way. We are lucky if were being told in the latter. Criticisms as others talk about is just normal, It is part of learning process in life. It is essential so we feel what is wrong with ourselves. Yes, it can be hurting, it can let you feel down, it can tear all your level of confidence but all of those are just shits of Pride. People are not born perfectly, even the Miss Universe had flaws too, and we are all entitled to take critics by others. People cannot just be content either way; they will find something in you that they will used as their weapon to criticized you so you can’t get rid of it.

I am not the first person to talk about criticism, I bet you have read many articles regarding the topic, dealing with critics, how to take criticisms and the like but what I want to ponder here is how do you like to receive the negative comments from other people? If I am the receiver my choice is that I want to hear it personally, directly from the person. I don’t want to hear it from anybody else, if my friend feels something wrong against me I strongly prefer that he tells me in an instant. Though I may get upset I will definitely appreciate his concern for me to change and be a better person. I will appreciate his honesty and courage to tell me my fault and all the bad eggs in me.

If I am the critic, I would also prefer to tell it directly to the person who is affected. Sharing others peck with others can just create a fire of arguments. It is better to approach the person calmly, making him realize of what you want to tell him and explaining him why he needs to change. Though he will get upset I am sure that my receiver will take an action plan to change himself.

In the world with judgmental eyes criticism is unavoidable, it will always be there and the best solution to handle it is to digest it and ponder on it. Face it. Don’t take it for granted but don’t take it too seriously too. It is for the betterment of our personality.

So when you received a criticism the next time, Smile. Don’t feel bad about it, but feel good that there is a person who cares for you enough so you could improve yourself. Thank the person coz he has been able to see the peck in your eye which you are too blind to see.

Take critics lightly.