If I have one greatest thing I hate most about my life I could say that those are my fears.

Maybe you have your fears too, some so simple that you’ve been able to manage it smoothly, some of your fears might be too unmanageable that you just tend to break down at times, trembling, with all those butterflies in your stomachs and anxieties you will experience.

To handle your greatest fear can be considered as your greatest achievement. When you cast out your fears and face it successfully, you’ll feel yourself coming out the box with those victorious smile and the feeling of “Oh I beat my Fear” face and it such a relief right? How do you do it? I tell you my friend; everything starts with a single word called “Courage”.

Having courage is what will take you to overcome your fears. Yes, you are afraid of trying but when you are willing to try, you have the guts, you have that “mmmppppphhhh” drive, and you’ll be able to take the first step to conquer your fears. The courage starts deep inside your heart. It will light up the fire in it, it will urge you, pursue you, then it will be redirected to your brain until such time that your mind follows what your heart says and it will speak what your heart speaks too.

You might have read the line, “It’s all in your mind”, and yes it’s true, it is all in your mind. Take this for example. You have fear of the dark. You think you can’t just survive being in a dark place, suddenly while you are at your room alone the lights went off. You have no other source of light, what will you do? Maybe you will just stand there trembling, imagining of all things that could happen, imagining there is a ghost beside you, and so on and on. You kill yourself thinking of different imaginations and hallucinating that your mind feeds you. You concentrate on the information that your mind says disregarding what your heart dictates you.

The difference between you facing such situation while you listen to your heart is way too different. When you listen closely to your heart, you’ll feel. It tells something different. It tells you to stay calm, relax, because nothing will happen. Have you watched the movie Three idiots, affirm your heart that “all is well”, talk to it and speak to it that all is well and that message will be redirected to your mind. FEAR is gone.

The fear that I have taken as an example is the simplest fear we can ever talk about. We have other fears. Fear of failing? Fear of Death? Fears of Losing, actually there are lots and everybody has fear in their hearts. Mine is fear of losing the most important people in my life. It is a constant fear of mine and I honestly don’t know if that time will come I could be able to apply what I am writing here. But I know I have the courage to face my fears, and I can listen closely to my heart and lastly is that I know that God is with me.

Yeah lastly, Trust God. If you are with God who will go against you? There is nothing, there is No one. Trust God, he will never ever fail you. He will never back out like our friends do when you fall behind your back. He will be there. He will never forsake you and he will be the answer to your fears.

Are you still afraid?

Think of this:

A popular tag line from Nike, “Just Do it!”