Redefined She Writes: This time I know what it is.

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

You might be having two minds whether this is the She Writes you used to visit. I tell you, you are not being redirected to another page rather this is the new face of your dear She Writes.

It has been two years since I started blogging. Blogging about my rants, my woes,my day to day experiences, my feelings and until now I have been doing so. The past few months, I have been thinking that yeah my blogging skills had been fairly level up like that rpg games we used to play and what’s even more shocking is realizing that slowly through blogging I become to discover myself more and more till this point of time that I have finally figure out what I want and enjoy doing. Finally, I now have a road map of what I want to pursue, what I want to share, what I want to accomplish herein She Writes.

In line with this new discoveries, I planned to redesign She Writes starting from it’s theme, header,categories and more. Let’s begin with the theme. I chose skeptical because of it’s simplicity and usability. The fonts are not too small to read and the color is just right for reading. It supports video, chat, audio, links in a format that will go with any style. I love this theme and I am glad that I am using this one.

The header it was my piece of art, I know there might be something missing or lacking but for now I want it that way. Maybe I’ll be able to fixed this one one day.

I also arranged the widgets and limit my categories.

Hopefully that as much as I like it, you will like the new face of She Writes too.

This is the start of something new.

Yours Truly,