October 25, 2012

Vogue Magazine
350 Madison Ave
(between 44th St & 45th St)
New York, NY 10017

To the Fashion Editor,

Thank you for giving me a chance to conceptualize your newest Vogue Magazine cover for shoes. It is my pleasure to work on this project and give my own interpretation to this beautiful piece.

Attached with this letter is my output of the said product, “The Red lipstick” collection.

Redlipstick Cover

I am very pleased to work on this cover and I would like to elaborate my concept for your new collection.

Project: Red Lipstick

The red lipstick collection defines a glamorous and metallic design that will surely suits the taste of a woman. If you would ponder looking more closely, an overlaying face of a woman was inside this shoe to represent that it is the new face in the fashion trend. My Idea was to put a face of a woman in red lipstick that resembles the shape of feet of a woman to make this cover intriguing. What I wanted to pursue is to arouse the readers’ curiosity to look for the red lipstick in the shoe to promote more about this Month’s theme Redlipstick. I also suggest that we should write something like “Can you spot the redlipstick?” as the caption.

I would like to discuss further my other ideas when we meet personally.

Please consider.

Yours Truly,
Shelady Anne Quinto

I must have been crazy writing this one. 🙂 Of course this is joke letter. I just wanted to showcase my newly created piece out of my imaginative mind. I am dreaming, dreaming of pursuing something in my life that I wanted to be.But no I ain’t dreaming anymore because Here I am publishing this letter making it real.

If dreaming is the only free of charge thing we could ever do in life to achieve our wants, then why not dream Big right? Our dreams are us,it is the extension of our hearts,our thoughts , our ideas, our happiness. But dreaming alone is sometimes not enough. What happens next after we dream?

If we want to pursue something in life as the book of the Power says, we have to feel it, we have to received it, imagine it as if in our hands. We have to love it, We have to pour our love to our piece , to our passion so in return love will be given unto us. Sometimes it is acting like you have it that makes your dreams come true, and this is what I am doing. Dreaming, Receiving, Feeling it and Imagining it that is has been given to me.

It feels good and I strongly recommend that you should try.

Do you have that dream?

Make it real!

[and oh! please… you would do me a big favor if you will be commenting as the fashion editor, what do you think?]