Today I decided to put path to my life existence. Lately I have been into so much thinking and analyzing myself. We have moments like that, don’t we? A certain time when you just think, just reflect from your past experiences; analyze what your heart says, a certain time when you ask yourself, what I am right now and what I do for living?

I found answers to some of my questions; the others are still left unattended. I believe that in right time all the answers that I am looking for will be revealed to me one by one. Sooner or later as I age I will get to discover what will complete my life existence.

Have you ever ask yourself what life do you want to live?

Do you want a president’s life? Or might be you wish to live your favorite actress life? Do you want to live a life of a wealthy, famous person in the whole wide world? Or you might just say I want the way I live my life now. If you choose the latter you are lucky, you know what you already want and you are worthy of your living.

I grow up dreaming of a perfect life- a mom, a dad, my sisters and brothers. I tell you my life is the life you might not want to live with. Every night when I was still young I would imagine- our family, owning a big house, Dad driving our car, Mom preparing our breakfast, all of my sibs going to school, I would imagine how dad reads the newspaper as he sips his cup of coffee that mom prepared, I imagined how mom tells us her advice while she is preparing the plate. I imagine how my brother would tease me as he sits in one of the chairs. I imagined everything in details until we grow and have our own jobs. I imagined us going to one of the exclusive universities in the country, and having our own relationships, I imagined how me and my sibs get our own jobs, have our own car and still my mom and dad loving each other.

But those were only my imaginations and it would never happen in real. Not in the future, not in the past, not ever.

Growing old, I do not imagine these things anymore- not with my own family but with the family I will have in the future, me, my soon to be husband and my soon to be children. I do not long for how rich we could be, nor how many cars could we have. I just imagine a home, us and god being the center of our life.

I am pursuing a life for simple living, getting happiness out of simple things. When I came to check
the inner me I came to see that I get the source of my happiness out of the material things that I do have. My eyes were shut with the happiness that does not require money. When you get to wake up in the morning, when I wake up with breakfast prepared by my father, out of playing with my niece and having good times with my friends, you know what I mean simple things that does not require a single penny. They are priceless and they are not hard to find compared to the latest Apple phone in town. They are offering themselves to us yet we do not take notice of them.

This is why I created a category here in my She Writes which will help me to pursue the life of simple living. I also bought a book from Bo Sanchez which will serve as a guide for me in my pursuance to simple living and this is where I’ll start. So every time you read a disclaimer notice you will know that it is a part of my Living Simple project.

It is up to you if you want to read about it or joined me as well in my pursuit to simple living. I would appreciate it if you would but the choice is still up to you.

Still up to you.