Disclaimer: This entry is part of my Simple Living Project.

Recently I am reading this book by Bo Sanchez which is entitled “Simplify and Live the Good Life”.

This book talks about living life the simple way away from all the worries that cause by the major game player money, power, greed and all life luxury.

Simplify and Live the Good Life

“Happiness is not found outside of you. It doesn’t come from cars, clothes, cash or Caribbean cruises. Happiness is found within.”

-Bo Sanchez-

Is this the meaning of living inside your core?

When I delve deeper into my heart and asked myself, what are my cores? My heart’s respond were all the material things that I could ever think of. My laptop, my phone, my dream DSLR, money next to this list are my family of course, my friends, myself, my passion and the list went on.

I do not know and I am not sure of what are my cores. Who are my cores? All I know is when I make money and see my family happy with the food that I placed on our table, when I see comfort and peace to their faces knowing that I make things easy for them with just money it gives me a feeling of earning money, more money to keep them satisfied.

Lady: This is how I see money. It is the major need of mankind. You want to eat, you have to have money.

You want clothing. You have to have money.

You want power; you have to have lots of money.

You want to be recognize, you have to have money.

Everything is being manipulated by money even happiness.

I might only be the one thinking about this but this is how I feel. If I don’t have money I can’t make them happy….

I value money much. I know how hard to earn one, I know how hard living without one. I know how a single penny means, I know what it could do, with money you could kill, you can buy a person’s life, you can be powerful and you can be whatever and whoever you want to be.

While I’m reading Mr. Bo Sanchez book, I discovered that I might be missing something and I was horrified with what I learnt about myself. It sucks, I feel ashamed, I felt being worthless for making money the center of my life. While I am busy working for a living, I am getting farther and farther to my family. My routine was like wake up in the morning-get home-eat dinner-sleep. Then it goes on the next day, maybe it affects too that I live alone at home. I ate alone, I sleep alone except on morning when I ate breakfast with dad and my niece and my bro and my sister in law- but after that I am nothing. I love being alone yet now I am starting to hate it. It is extreme loneliness being alone but that’s a different topic. I also noticed that when I have money I am so happy, when I don’t have I easily get irritated, because I felt like I am a useless. Realizing now I made money the core of my being.

The good news is I still can pursue for a change right? I always believe that as long as we live we could change whatever we want to change in life. We always have our own chances the things is how willing are we to make that change.

One thing that captures me in the first chapter of Bo’s book was the line “Give up shallowness”. Maybe I should and this will be my action plan together with spending time with the people I love like my family, coz no value of money can ever replace them.

All of us might be dreaming of living life abundantly, like if you want a laptop in just a snap you can have it, if you see this nice dress at mall, with just one swipe you can wear it, if you want that house with just a piece of paper you can issue a piece of paper and right away hold the key of your dream house.

It would be nice if anything will only happen in a single click right?

In just a snap, some people can do that but some cannot. But this things, will this really complete your life existence? The material things that in time can fade, the material things that can never replace the happiness you can give your wife, your daughter or your son with the time that you can give them, Will it really complete you and will it complete them?

Think about it, I am pursuing this change and from this moment in time. I have decided. I declare that money is not the center of my life and the real core of my being is God and the people who loves me and whom I loved.