I thought that I could get rid out of this subject. When I was in high school and College I always hate my geometry class. I hate angles,I hate the different quadrants.

Now even here in blogosphere I still can’t escape Geometry.

I had hard time searching photos but as I conquer Geometry way back in my school Days, I will conquer it again here.

Taken at Subic, 2011

I actually don’t know what the thing is called. I think its a radar or it has something to do with capturing signals.
I took this photo last 2011 at our Subic Trip. In here, I could see Geometry.

Roof top.

I see Geometry again here.
I always do capture weird subjects. 🙂

my final piece

My Final Piece.

I picture lots of geometry shapes here.
when I was in my school days, I always complain why do we have to learn Geometry, in what sense can we apply it to our everyday life.

Now I have seen it. Geometry is in our everyday life.