The past few days I was mending a broken heart that’s why I can’t write. My four years relationship with my boyfriend ended and it was really no joke to handle such situation. I thought I can managed perfectly but as days goes by, I felt like I was completely broken. It was painful, I end up crying at night, it was not easy…
I really don’t know what to do. I’ve been reading a lot of help books / blogs to overcome this, I have been keeping myself so busy just not to think of so many things, I have tried listening to songs which helps much to ease the pain. I have surrounded myself with people, my family, my friends, I have been going out often just to temporarily be happy but then when I get to be alone it pains, it hurts.

How should I deal with this? I don’t know too.

I won’t write about him as a sign of respect, he is a good man, really good man. Its just that the relation seems to go out of my hand…

I know if he might still drop by my page he will be able to read this…

So for you who broke my heart…

Please read this..

Pain go away
Spare me from this dismay
I am not worthy for this sorrow
Please let me go

Love why did you forsake me
Is this the fate bound for me?
When I thought that what I have was something to last
Then why mine ended so fast.

Heart, can’t you be strong?
It doesn’t mean that you are wrong.
What you have is something special, yes.
But sometimes things should end best.

For four years long,
I tried to keep the relation strong
I thought it was one true love
Yet I am here lonely and broken.

I cry,
I grieved; sometimes I go crazy trying to beg
Yet the doors were closed,
Saying no to second chances
So I guess that leaves me breathless

I’m trying to find my path to moving on
Music helps but not for so long.
I’ve been going out with friends just to forget
But when I’m alone there are lots of tears and regrets.

I’m broken, yes, for now
But I believed that someday Ill see it somehow
That it was meant to be the way we are now
Because you are not the one for me and i am not the one for you
This is our fate, the destiny for us two.

One final call to the Man I loved the most.
This will be the last time my voice echoes.
You’re a good man and you deserved the best
I’ve tried to be a good girl at least.
With all the things we shared
I know I don’t have any regrets,
For now maybe it will not be easy as I see
As I am still loving you,
But for sure in time I’ll get better
with my love sweetly surrendered.

*I’m sorry,I really look like a loser with my poem*
This is the second time I write one, and it was just sad to think that I always write poems with a breaking up theme.