Sorry for this late post, I received an award last Saturday I think and this was the entry which I wrote after receiving it. Sorry for the delay- but I am so Happy with this. Thank you so much!

Laine Award

Just today, a Co Blogger Time to Chill awarded me my very first blogging award throughout my two years in the Blogosphere history. Thank you co-blogger and I am so pleased that somehow my writings are appreciated and not taken for granted. This gives me an inspiration, happiness and 100 % positive vibes to write more, share more and inspire more through She Writes.

The Laine Blogger Award’s mechanics are as follows:

1.Link Back to the Blogger who awarded you.
2. Blog about your award.
3. Give the award to 5 bloggers and let them know

In return, I also want to acknowledged and give this blog award to the following blogs and bloggers who and which have inspired me and for sure other bloggers as well to pursue this passion that we share.

The River Within
I am Super Istar

Again Thank you Time to Chill and congratulations to the new awardees of the Laine Blogger Award. Don’t forget to check out their blogs because these are the blogs that I really look up to :).