I am a self proclaimed lazy girl.

I admit it yes but I am ashamed of that attitude of mine.

Sometimes I run away from working, I made excuses, alibis and all of that.

For me it’s hard to do house chores like cleaning our house, my own room, washing the dishes on the sinks or even cooking, I am lazy to do this things so I rather lay down on my bed or do other things which is I am interested of.

When you are lazy, you will never achieve anything in life. I had proven that. Stay all day long at home and you will become stagnant and unproductive. Don’t do your work and you’ll become totally a messed. I hate it that sometimes I still have this kind of attitude.

I have been battling it ever since I turned 20 :). It seems like there is this big stone tied on my back as my sister would described me. It was nothing to be proud of and admitting this with all those followers and readers of She Writes makes me feel little low, degraded and shameful.

The thing is everybody learns their lessons and everybody has a choice to make difference, if you are a lazy chap, we belong to that everybody. Let’s Fight Laziness and I come up with the following suggestions that you and I might try.

First thing’s first, IT IS ALL IN OUR MIND.

What our mind says is what our body does. Think about it, I myself have been through this, a certain point when you want to accomplished something and yes you are determined but when you are about to begin you hear voices at the back of your head which says, “Do it Later”, or “I am lazy, I’ll do this some other time”, or “I need to do something first” and a lot of more reasons. What I am trying to say here is that every time we are faced into such situation try changing what’s on your mind. Battle it. Reverse it. Don’t feed it. Every time you hear this voice shift instantly think of the positive outcome that will happen and I bet we will make it.

Second. Never Lose Motivation. If motivation is not around, things that will likely to happen is you will lose the interest to pursue what you wanted to accomplished. Lack of motivation will always result to laziness to do your desired goal. Sometimes I know that it is hard to be motivated, it is really hard to find your piece of motivation but let’s try to do like this, Think of the last time we get Motivated, ask the following questions,

  • When was it?
  • How?
  • What did you feel after feeling that motivation?
  • What was the result?
  • Stop complaining and start working. No don’t complain how hard will it be for you nor how will it be a big baggage to carry on for you. You just start. Start. Everything starts with a start and go on working on it while acquiring energy form the motivation you have. Be willing. Avoid words like I can’t, I don’t. Those are banned words when battling laziness.

    Lastly, fill yourself with energy to keep on going. Eat well and think that what you eat will be the amount of energy you will need to complete the task. Warm up, this will be the very first step to fight laziness. Warm up and say I can do this while you are about to start. Stretch your bones, inhale and exhale, think that you are stronger and you can lift and throw that big stone tied on your back. Rest. Sleep well, this will add on your energy too. See if you are playing Sims even the characters there need to sleep, to rest, to eat so they will acquire plus health, so what more with us real humans right?

    I think I wrapped it all, if you have other suggestions for our dear co-laid-back buddies, just feel free to comment on this page. See we are never too late to change. Later I said I’ll be cleaning my room and organizing everything so I can wake up with good mood tomorrow with my room clean.

    Let’s Fight Laziness.