I was crying when I saw the photo from http://occupiedpalestine.wordpress.com/2012/11/17/gazaunderattack-palestinian-cabinet-hq-flattened-in-israeli-airstrike/.

My heart was broken seeing those images. I continued googling more photos and each photos gave me extreme sadness. I asked myself,”Is this what God wanted us to be?”. It was a horror, more than a horror created not by monsters nor aliens but humans. Humans.

Humans. They cannot be identified anymore.

Didn’t they have fear in their hearts when they performed this terrible crime?Didn’t they think about their families too? Didn’t they have their conscience?

Whatever these cities/ countries are fighting for, Is it worthy to kill thousand lives especially those children? Is it worthy to die? Is it worthy to take lives? It was very sad, very frustrating and it is very alarming. Innocent lives are not worthy to be sacrificed in this never ending war. Something should be done. Somebody should give way, but I can’t see it in the hearts of those who are behind this. They are greedy, selfish,they have no hearts.

Let me share some of photos which deeply moved me.
Credits to activestill.org and occupied palestine for the photos.


Maybe they will acquire power for now but not in their second lives when God will soon meet them, their soul will be thrown out in hell where they will suffer for the rest of their lives and we can say that there will be justice for those who died for Gaza.

For now,this is what I can do. Sympathized for the people of Gaza and my prayers.

Dear God,

You know everything, you see everything and you are not deaf to those people who cried their woes on you.
Help Gaza Dear God, Help the people who lost their love ones. Cradle in your arms the pain of those who are injured and open heaven’s gate for those who died in this war.
Let their peace God.Let their be peace in your holy land.
Shake the hearts of the people beyond this killing. Shake it that their conscience will urge them and they will feel the emptiness in their hearts because of their doing.
Dear Lord, most of all give hope to each and one of them. Hope that someday this war will stop and they can live a normal life.
You are powerful dear God,and in Jesus name we all pray.
We all pray.