“Sometimes when you least expect it, opportunity comes.”

Few months ago I have been engaged in photography but I had a huge problem because I don’t own a camera. My sister has one but she seldom lend it to me. I used to take photos from my 3mp (lol) mobile phone and tweaked the photos either in Light room or Photoshop. A part of me knew that I can do more if I own a camera and guy’s I know how you all read my post about me wanting that DSLR and I have a good news to announce together with a short story J

One time I was strolling at the mall when I suddenly saw this GE X500 Camera displayed in one of the shops. Enthusiastic to own a camera, I looked at it and check for its specs. It is a digital camera but an SLR type in design from Power Pro Series of GE, The specs are quite nice for a beginner like me with a 15x zoom power and 16 Megapixel sensors, high dynamic range functionality and low light ISO capability. The only downside was that the battery is a rechargeable 4 AA alkaline, that moment I told myself "Kahit sana ganyan lang. oks na sakin", meaning "I am content having this kind of camera". From time to time. I think of that Camera, I put it on my vision board, visit the shop to see if it was still there. I wanted to own the cam, it was just the price is still high even if “with discount” tag.

This morning at work my colleague told me that one of our ex workmate is selling her camera. I don’t really have an idea about what camera was it and I was surprised to know that it was the same GE X500 that I was looking at the shop. 🙂

See what a coincidence right?

Here is the bonus, since it’s a second hand cam; she offered it on much lower price compared to what has been displayed at that mall J She assured me that her camera is still in good shape and she had been using for it over a year now.

No defects with complete set, etc. Aside from that I still received a very special deal.

I am so happy, it was like a dream come true for me, few months ago, I was dreaming of the exact camera that I wanted and now it will really be mine, not the camera at the shop but still the same camera. Opportunity knocks unexpectedly. It must have been a coincidence or sort of the power of attraction? See I have read this book called the Secret and I guess it work on me or I am just connecting the dots? Actually, it’s another entry that I want to share, but to give you guys a preview its really weird when you think of wanting something, really wanted something, think about it, want it and you get it. I know you don’t get my point, that’s why I am still clearing up my thoughts. The last time I felt this feeling is that when I was searching for work and I wanted the job and I get the job, another scenario was when I wanted a laptop and I do crazy things like imagining I have a laptop, imagining what I do with my laptop and to my surprised my mom bought me a laptop. J Ohh.. I’ll write another post for this one, what could be a good title for it?

Well, anyway, the highlight here is my soon to be camera. I can’t wait! I really can’t. I can’t wait by December 9 so I can have a real touch with my First. Well, I’m giving my camera a name, “First” since that will be my first camera. I’m really excited and at the same time happy because I have been planning that hopefully by next year I can start another project. 🙂 I am actually thinking of having my own Photo challenge (Feeler) if possible and I was thinking of being engage into travel as well. Travelling with a purpose. Who can hook me up? Maybe for a charity cause or anything with a good cause? I am thinking of it and who knows when I think of it again and again it will become possible lol. I mean the law of attraction 🙂 Part 2?

Guess this will be a perfect Christmas gift for me! 🙂