…. And that very moment I said I can be a photographer.

Just this week I got my GE camera which I was telling you that I bought from my friend. I must say that this was my very First investment from my one year hard work at office and few days back I really had two minds whether I will really pursue buying it or not since the money I had to pay for it is quite much for me. I am feeling guilty that I could used that money as my savings but my other side says that it is not wrong to at least buy something for myself since I have been working for that and it’s Christmas. πŸ™‚

So I got it last Friday, and that very moment I said I am a photographer.
Illusions, I thought it will be as easy as that. That night I wanted to try First immediately but I was so stressed out at work and I lose the drive to test it. So I told myself, there will be tomorrow. Saturday, I planned to go to the beach and take vivid photos of the beach scenery but the afternoon when I was about to go off at work it rained hard. How unfortunate I was… and I told myself there will be another tomorrow.

I read this week’s photochallenge and I said that I will post something from First.

I woke up early, around 6am so I could capture the foggy river and sun rise. So I went at the river side and excited with the morning breeze of December I prepared First and took snaps. My hands were shaking. My first snaps were frustrating and it really disappoints me. So I did practice, clicking shots again and again while waiting for the sunrise.

—and there it goes the sun rising. It was spectacular view but when I turned to get a shot, First Died. I have no extra battery and that means I have to charge the batteries. 

It was frustrating. How I waited there. How I expected to have a good output. But things just didn’t happen.

But then, there will always be another tomorrow. 

For the mean while let me show you the photos from First.

Well, the raw picture was quite good but a touched of Light room and Photoshop made it even better. I am still learning. I still have a lot of time, this is just the beginning and passion together with my dedication I know I can be a photographer with camera but a photographer who brings out a message with her pieces. 

The River
The River
A Bird's Shot
A Bird’s Shot
Almost Sunrise
Almost Sunrise
Me and My Niece
Me and My Niece

So for now… This is all I have. πŸ™‚ Not Bad I guess, But I still need to practice and learned about First.