This is the very first post that I will be writing this 2013!

Looking forward
Looking forward

And for the past last two weeks of December I have been invisible in the world of blogosphere.
It was not by chance that I was gone for a while, it was a choice. I wanted to shut down everything, everything that connects me to social media to connect to me to the real world. The real world that I once lost connection to.

But as I always say,I will return. Return to my Dear She Writes and here I am, Welcoming 2013 with these very first post.

My Friend asked me few days back, She said, what’s your new year’s resolution? Without a doubt, I told her, EAT.PRAY.LOVE.WORK. Every year I was listing these super long list of my resolutions, like Save money, wake up early, wash my face everyday,etc. but most of the times it ends up as a pile of scrap that I browse every end of the year and throw in the waste bin. This year, there will be no longer list, I already stuck it up in my mind which I try to think about each day. Eat, Pray, Love and Work. It’s simple, ;0000 I don’t have to go on to my list and I think it’s the most essential thing to do in life. To Eat- which I actually started doing, not just merely eating but satisfying myself with the food that I craved for. Enjoying eating, satisfying my taste buds and adding more pounds to my weight :).
Pray- I stop praying before at night, and I am starting again, but I am craving for something real and different this year. I want a pure and strong connection with God. I know it was not right to talk about my religious belief here. I was born baptized as a Roman Catholic, I grew up with all the traditions and faith of a catholic but now I am questioning myself about my religion. I am looking for something more deeper. Pray.
Love. which is the hardest to do above all. Just Love, because Love, To Love requires so many things. It requires trust, it requires patience, it requires time, it requires almost everything. I want to learn how to really love, not just love but loving unconditionally to everyone and last but not the least is to Work. Work- I am also looking forward to many changes when it comes to this word but everything will come and happen in its perfect time, so for now I won’t elaborate more on this.

Year 2013 is another year that we again have something to look forward to. I fear for the unknown, but I can’t stop what is destined to happen. So I am looking forward with hopes, still with all my dreams and trust in the God that with him there will be no impossible for he strengthens me.

Happy New Year!