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Here I am again writing the hardest post ever, “The Comeback post”,I have been out of blogging for almost two months and writing this entry seems so tough.

I was gone because I had to deal with some important things in my life. I had encounter a serious struggle with life plus add the work which made me busy as well over the past two months. I thought I could not really get back into writing. I tried writing several posts before but those were kept on my draft, unpublished. Honestly, I could not find my pace in writing, no matter what I do, I just couldn’t fit the words and my thoughts and I thought it was the end of my blogging career.

Few nights ago, I was asking myself, What happened to me? What happened to my so called passion? What happened to my plans and goals for this year? Reflecting back, I found the answers to my questions.

I was disappointed so I became disoriented. Late December, I was planning to venture on a project called I had an idea of collaborating with my fellow bloggers from all around the world to creating a blog site which will feature places through photography and articles. The project is promising, with high hopes I thought it will be a success, but I guess circumstances did not allow. Being the moderator of the group, I think I had not been that successful in reaching out with my team mates that’s why my project failed and it was really disappointing and I believed that it was the cause of my disorientation in blogging.

Life has been hard. I am not sure if this will be a valid reason why I stop blogging. The beginning of the year did not went well with me financially speaking. I was facing some serious family problem and I have to work double time to make a living and get myself out of debt. I thought everything will be okay by the end of January but bad luck kept coming and I just could not find myself fit in writing again.

I am confused of what I wanted to do. Aside from blogging, I was hooked on some other things too. I started reading again, learning web designing, movie making, pod casting and enhancing my photography skills. With the limited time I have to sustain my hobby, I am so confused with what I really wanted to do.I wanted to do so many things at one time and these things occupied me much and my time for blogging.

Of all these misfortunes and failures that I encountered during the first two months of 2013, I am still thankful that I learned some valuable things out of it which I will be sharing on the next post I will be writing. I guess it is worthy to share since you might get a lesson to learn out of it.