DAY 1:

Camera 360It has been years or months I could not count since I tried writing again. If you will notice, most of my posts are my photos that I include in the weekly challenges.

Honestly, I forgot writing. I lost the interest of writing. I could not see and feel my passion about writing anymore. After series of putting up blogs, “failed blogs” about specific niches- I quit writing a blog.

“That’s what I thought of…

…. Until one day, just the day before yesterday, I opened “She Writes”, and I heard someone at my back, in my ear, a beat in my heart that says “Write again”. I was quite hesitant, so I browse and browse my readers list. I stumbled upon the Zero to Hero challenge and I said “Okay, this is it. This is the sign. And the story continues….

Let me first introduced myself of course, you can call me Lady, the sweetest Lady in WordPress. (Ahem)
I am a Business Partner Adviser for Yellow Pages, Philippines. A freelance Writer. A Photographer. Jack of all trades with no expertise, as one of my friend said. Most of all, I am HUMAN.

Trivia: Do you know the difference between A Person and a Human?

A person is someone who sees himself perfect or almost perfect- a Human knows his flaws and mistakes.

The most beautiful thing about blogging for me is that (if you are like me) compared to diaries- you don’t intend to keep it. You have the world with you to share your experiences, your thoughts, your feelings, everything that is running through your mind and at the end of the day, you will realized that “Oh, I am not the only person who is going through with this”. Another, positive thing about keeping a blog publicly is that you gain friends- meet new people, new culture, new races which is very interesting because you learn to converse with these people which will help you to understand how is it to be like for example, an American, Malaysian and other races.

I put up this blog March 2010, so She Writes is already Four years old (but with very minimal audiences). My main reason why I came up with this blog is because I wanted to keep my personal journal. I have always been a fan of writing diaries when I was young, so when I became aware of Blogs and online diaries, I also wanted to try it out- and this is the result.

However, as time goes by, I realized that writing all about me is not what I wanted to do anymore. I wanted to do something more than what I am doing, so I started going into Photo Blogs. I have been into photography and showcase some of my snaps here, through joining the Weekly Photo Challenge and I really love it.

Then time goes by again, and that time is “NOW”.

Aside from continuously doing what I am doing, I wanted to shift a little bit. I want to see my blog as an inspiration to my readers. A cozy spot in the blogosphere where my readers would feel relax, learn things in life and feel that everybody is human.(lol)
Topics that will definitely uplift their spirits, bring smiles on their faces and something to trigger an action to them.

I would love to connect with people who are “Human”. It is more of like saying; let us share something with each other. As one of my co-blogger told me, “Everyone has a fair share about everything in life”, and this is what I wanted to do.

Another year from now, if everything turns out successfully, I am hoping to see “She Writes” filled with bucketful of inspirations, fruitful of life experiences and stories of success from me and other bloggers like you.

Let’s work it out and Rock on by beginning from Zero to Hero!