So it’s day 2 of our class in Blogging University. How’s your day 1?

My first day was quite fun and comfortable, as a typical scenario in a real classroom, I’ve seen some colleagues that I’ll surely catch up and draw along as the class ends. I am happy hitting 104 views in just a day. I am much happier that I have been able to follow 20 blogs and have commented at least 10 blogs in just a day.

That’s an achievement.

 And it’s day 2!

Let’s take it to the next level.

Let me tell you a story. 

This is a tale that occurred long time ago, just after my graduation and took in my first job interview.

The first question that the interviewer asked me is to describe myself or tell me something about myself.  I knew and learnt coming from some practiced job interviews at college that this question would invariably be present so I at least prepared myself for a quick solution

I would reply; “I am Shelady Anne Quinto, 20 years old, from blah blah blah address, finished Bachelor of Science and information technology and graduated just recently”.


I was wondering back then, why I failed some of the interview I have given that’s why I did more research and study some job interview hints.

Till one day, I have tripped across an article that say’s “in answering the frequently ask question: describe yourself, never ever set off by expressing what is already penned in your resume”.

Moreover, it supposes, “create a brand of yourself, choose positive adjectives that describe you and support those adjectives with your skills.

Not knowing if it will work, I followed that advice.

I was more prepared in my next job interview.  I have written 3 simple sentences that would briefly answer the killer question. 

Tell me something about yourself. 

You can call me lady for short. To tell something about myself, I could say that I am more of an “action- oriented person”.  (I can still remember, this was the first adjective I used in my job interview). I mingle with people very easily and have strong interpersonal skills.

Adjective. Support. Adjective. Support

And I guess it acted upon because the interviewer was obliged and intrigued that she gave up another questions related to my answers.

And that is how I built a connection with the interviewer.

End of story. 

Putting up a blog, site title and tag line is one of the most basic task that a blogger should prepare for like just preparing for the killer describe yourself question. The site title is the sneak preview, the teaser of your overall blog and the taglines serves as the summary of your blog. 

Site title and tagline would identify our purpose, our personal statement and it gives an idea to our readers what is it for them. So our site title and taglines should be an attention setter, mind blowing and unique design for ourselves and what we wanted to blog about.

Mine is just so simple.

“She writes”.

No deeper reason at all. If you probe more, I would say because “she writes” “is me”.

Ever since I started blogging, I haven’t change she writes at all. I am comfortable with it and this is how I want my readers to remember me. 

Tagline: inspirations, transformations. Life experiences

As I composed my post yesterday, I understood what I wanted to find. A change of blogging plan. And I told myself, my tagline should adapt with the change. And I am happy with how my tagline was written now.

Over my stay here, I have hit upon a fellow bloggers whose site titles and taglines  fascinated me.

and i want to share them to you.

“the married man who loves his x”

“barefoot and naked”

“happily polly”