This is History. 

photo credits to the owner: time machine

I need a time machine to go back four years ago, when I began this blog.

 It was one afternoon at our computer laboratory in our campus.  I was reading a guy’s blog whom I I really admire. 

Two hours more and I felt envy. I wanted to create mine. So I did.

My purpose? 

Evil plan: I will link my blog to his blog or comment on his blog  and then he will click my blog and read the stuffs I wrote about him like how I admire him and he will fall in love with me and that will be the start of our romantic affair.  🙂

That did not happen.

But that was my initial reason why I created this blog.  The guy really inspired me with how he had written his life in public where anyone could read and would think about every stuffs he had written every time they would meet him.  I laughed, I cried with him, I envied him, understood him and made me realized that I have to try this whole blogging thing.

Young at heart. Puppy love. Teeny bopper. Selfish writer.

That is me when I started blogging. All I wanted was to write all about my stuffs. My rants and Ramblings.  My stories.  Record my daily activities just like I did in my diary and of course the evil plan.

Try going back to my previous post, around March 2010, you will laugh or you will definitely ignore my posts because those are full of nonsense.

Providing the links below:

First Day Post- March 2010

Second Day Post- March 2010

Third Day Post- May 2010

Sometimes I thought of deleting these posts but I simply couldn’t, for these are “memories” of how I am before and these are “proofs” of how I transformed today.

Within  four years of blogging, I met “Miss Maturity.” Some fellow bloggers introduced Miss Maturity to me by simply showing me their well written pieces of works.  A few site visitors presented “Mr. Privacy” to me by simply making me feel conscious when they told me that they read how I broke up with my ex.  Most of my fellow bloggers, the one’s I followed and followed me made me embraced “Mrs. Inspiration” by words of wisdom and encouragement and stories that they shared in their blogs. And most of all, those photo fellows told me about “Sir Photography”  (whom I happened to loved) by the millions of images they shared which took me to different places and life events.

Comparing myself from that teeny bopper blogger to the blogger who wrote this blog at this time, I must say that they are totally different.

Matured. Focused. Madly Inlove. Evolved. 

Are the best adjective to describe this blogger right now.

Let’s just say, that  somewhat this Blogger who wrote this entry today have a clearer view of not only  “what was she was thinking when she created this blog”,  but a wide spectrum of “why she created She Writes and Why does she still keeps on running it until now.”