Its day Four of the Zero to Hero Challenge!
How do you like today’s assignment?

“plenty of fishes”, “from my background to yours”, “nom de plume”,“ay sabaw”

What do you think about these words?


Let me guess, maybe you think they are the blogs that I follow or like.

Your guess is wrong Dear, actually, these are the words that was instilled in my mind while reading other blog entries.
Words that even if I don’t visit back their blogs, I knew that they are the one’s who wrote it.

Today’s challenge as we all know is about building an audience to our blogs.

Followers, Likers, Commenters are our audience. Though it may be a personal blog, your rants about your life as long as you post it in public makes it a part of our business. (Am I right?)

Anyway, today’s assignment is not so new to me anymore. As much as I find time, I usually take 5 minutes reading other else’s blog aside from mine. I comment on those which posts intrigued me and like the ones which interest me.

This is what I learn from the four years of my blogging journey and let me write it through a poem.
Blogging is l like a relationship; it must always be two way.
You give, they take. You take, they give.
Like the world that you should learn to appreciate, so that it appreciates you back,
Like a breath that you must inhale and exhale,
Like friends that you should know when to talk and when to listen,
Like a feeling when you must know when to cry and when to laugh,
Like an echo that you must shout before it bounces back.
Blogging is a two way relationship.

Oooppsss.. Sorry, I am not a poet, but I got carried away.

Anyway, as what the assignment requires, we must follow 5 new topic and 5 new bloggers. For sure all of us have been doing this since the start of zero to hero.

So let me share herein the bloggers which I think is definitely followable!
Here’s my list:
Left Coast by Design (definitely followable)
Maria Brinkly (will take you from her background to yours)
A Boy Named Sue (you can’t help yourself but to smile)
The Official How To Blog (check their How to take the perfect Selfie!)
Laura Cooks Photography (for the photo enthusiasts like me)

Enjoy these blogs.

lets keep on growing our audience!

Happy Easter!