Recently I have been into thinking of how to develop a new habit and stick to it.

Well I was actually thinking about what habits does these highly successful and effective people do, that it makes them reach the level of success that they are in.

Well we could say that success is not a habit but more of attitude  and hard works but if you come to think of it, it all begins with building habits that they follow in order for them to arrive at the positive attitude and game plan to success. As Aristotle said, “Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.”

I myself had been too much struggling with developing new and good habits. For example, I say-  I want to keep my blog updated every week or I will write 3 sets of post per week. Well indeed, I can keep that goal for about 2 weeks time but after some weeks, I would be distracted and gone. Another example, we could used are our new years resolution, well most of us must have written their 2014 new years resolution but honestly, Did we really follow through? Well I guess this month is the best month for a reality check since end of the year is fast approaching and we could really see which of our resolutions have we successfully attained.

If you are one of me,  who only see couple of check marks where they have written their resolutions list, then Hey!  we should be alarmed and asked ourselves what happened?

To be honest, I am doing that and that’s  why I have come up with asking myself where I am going wrong and what should I do to achieved the goals. I am not sure if you would agree with me if I say that I realized that what I am lacking is knowing how to develop a good habits to achieved my goals.

So today, I have written something for myself and sharing it herein so to know if I have created the right way how to developed a new and good positive habits.

1. Know your goal. I guess that’s the basic. Its like saying begin with the end in mind- that will be your motivation. What do you want to achieve? Why are you persistent to achieved that goal? Be more detailed and specific. Do you want to lose 5lbs in a month? Do you want to quit smoking in a week?  Have a clear ending and aligned it with your beginning in order for you to make a start up in developing your habit.

2. Limit at least three goals if you are starting a habit. Well if your starting up a habit, tendency is that you feel overwhelm. So you keep doing so many things trying to develop a new habit at he same time and you lose your focus. So I guess that the key here is to keep at least three to 5 goals and associate it with another and keep doing until you can say oh I have developed this habit and then you move forward to another.

3. Set a 30 day rule. I guess this is something not so new.
I have come to read that habit is not done overnight, obviously.  It takes 30 days for us to say I have fully learn and master this habit. It is best to keep a track of how long have you been doing and your success rate. When could you totally say you have accomplished developing this new habit?  Only your record can tell. So keep practicing and doing the habit you are doing until you have reach your time frame and your record can tell you that hey! You have come this far, congratulations!

So far this is what I have came up with. I will be writing my goals in the following days and from there I can form habits that will make me achieve my goal.

I want to hear yours, I hope you do not mind if you write in my comment box on how do you developed your habits follow it through, as you can see my lists are still missing details. I would appreciate!