Time had flown so fast. Just as yesterday we are bidding goodbye to 2015 and now we are here embracing and welcoming 2016.

The first week of the month has always been the best time to reflect and realized how you did last year and what you want to become this year. Some would say, reflections and resolutions would be best on late part of December but hey, how could you get into writing out of your busy schedule during holiday right? So for those who h
as not yet written all their resolutions, their reflections, this week is the best week to start. You got all day of January!

There are actually 4 things that I think best to do.

  1. Thank 2015 and check all your past achievements. List all the things you think you made a big impact. A perfect achievement.  Then give yourself a pat on the back and say “Hey, you done a great job.”
  2. You also have to analyze all the not so good things that happened to you in the year 2015. You have to embrace even the saddest part and make peace with it. You have to look where did it went wrong. What did you lack and if you could do it the other way, how could you have done it. It’s the best way to see the purpose of why it has to happen and see for yourself that out of that mishap, there lies a beautiful reason awaiting.
  3. You don’t need to make a resolution, instead write and claim what you wanted to happen. Resolutions were like:  “This year, I want to gain weight”. Duh! This was my resolution every year. So this year, I won’t make any resolution, instead, I would be the resolution. I am claiming that this year, I will be having that body I desire. Then go over reading it over and over again. According to what I read, it would be great if you have a picture of your goal. Specific and detailed.
  4. State your goal. I think this is what most of us lacking. I was having a coffee with a friend last January 1 and we were doing a catch up talk. Out of our conversation, I popped out a sudden question which she did not expected. I asked her what are her goals this January and she was blank. Our goals are our blue prints. Our guides. Whether it is your personal life, family, career, love life- you should have a milestone written.

What are you thankful for the past year? What are you looking forward this 2016?