Here I am staring on my PC thinking of how to revamp my blog site. My dearest “She Write”. I had been considering deleting this blog for so many times and every time I am tempted to click that delete button in WordPress setting, I could not  just go on and delete. 

I could not. Not ever. I do not actually know what’s holding me back. It maybe the stories I once shared that I would like to keep on reading and reading again. It might be the memories, good times and  bad times. It might be the flashback of emotions I had while  writing each post. It might be because of the timeline that  I wanted to go on and rethink which date this happen and that happen. There are so many reasons why I don’t want to delete this blog. There are many reasons which stop me though I wanted to.

So right now, I am stuck and thinking. Maybe I should just go on. Let it be where my ideas and thoughts take me. In time I might  figure it out.