“The greatest fear I ever had is not failing, It is the thought that I have to say something yet remain unspoken”.


Writing something about me is something hard to do, it is not because I don’t know myself (partly I am confused) but because I want you to see and know me as you go beyond reading my blog.

I am working for an advertising company, a freelance writer for thesis documentations and a blogger by a choice. My passion in writing exists ever since I was a child and this is where it leads me now.


1. My friends describes me I am Jack of All Trades- with no expertise. This is because I love to learn different things, at least know the basics, but never mastered any.

2. I am an Ambivert. Mixture of introvert and extrovert.  Though I love being around with people and know them more, I still find a time for myself, being alone and enjoying my own companion.

3. Learnt basics of Arabic, Spanish and Nihonggo.

The most things I value in life are:

First is my relationship with God.

I am not a religious type of person, I do not go to church every Sundays nor attend any bible and prayer meetings, but I pray, I talked with god deep inside my heart and I aim to walk the path he wants me to pursue.

Secondly, I value my life meaning and existence.

It starts with the people who surrounds me, from my family to my relatives, to my friends, to my boyfriend up to the last person whom I just happened to cross my way with. My life meaning and existence begins with these people, it starts with one cycle which I call “trigger”, instances like “how do they affect me?”, “how do I respond to them?” or “how am I able to help or hurt them?” are some examples which makes me understand the way I want to live my life. I give value to myself too…For me, there is nothing so important rather than knowing thy self and thy heart completely without pretensions. It is the only way to know thy life purpose.

Third, My passion.

I believe that writing is something that is within me ever since I was born, I just love to write, to express myself, to express my thoughts and my feelings. It is my form of sharing, I am not a talkative type of person but I never allow myself to be deprived of something that I know I have to say. I have my ways and I can always find ways to express my ideas. I remember somebody described me before that I am a silent but outspoken type of person, it is quite contradicting but I completely understand now what she meant to say.

The Budding Passion.


I never imagined that I would embrace photography as I love it now. It never fails that as we get older we learn something new about our self and photography is another world that I wanted to gate crash with. Clash or Crash? Whatever it is. I now know that it is not by taking snaps of your own that made me special, it is when we capture different people’s faces, places, things that made our hearts special. I can freely express myself into photography too which I never thought I could ever do and this is the next step I want to pursue. (I hope I could buy my own camera in the future).

Fourth, Music. The rhythms which make me live my life. I don’t play any musical instruments, I don’t know how to count notes and beats however I know how to appreciate one and used music to fulfill what my heart desires.

Lastly, I am in the quest for simple living. I decided to live a life of simplicity. Sipping your coffee in the morning without worries and being grateful even if you have less. For me that is the ideal way of living life. The way I want to live my life.

… And this is really the last one…

I am open in giving/ sharing and taking/accepting INSPIRATIONS.

I Live life with hope and faith in the lord that I am capable of doing anything with God which strengthens me and I believe that you can do so!

Know me more by browsing on my page and reading my entries!