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I was browsing through Yahoo and Here’s what I found! — December 3, 2014
Music on Tuesday (MoT)- Features: Pretty Hurts by Beyonce — December 1, 2014

Music on Tuesday (MoT)- Features: Pretty Hurts by Beyonce

UntitledOne of my many hobbies is listening to music. Any kind of music. Be it Soul, Reggae, Hip hop, Ballad or Classic songs. This is how I tune up my mood everyday, every time. I used to play dance musics to make my spirit high every morning. Then at work, before I start and sit on my desk I used to play Christmas songs- I do not know but it gives me the feeling of happiness and cheerfulness to start at work when I listen to Christmas songs. Then come stressful times at work usually in the afternoon, I used to play reggae to keep my mood high and  when I cant keep up with the stress, I turn to Susan Boyle for some inspirational and godly songs. Lol She never fails to restore hope in me.

At night, usually ride going home, I listen to some country music, or at times, some soulful romantic songs, or keep a company of beetles. Its my way of saying,  “What a day, but you made it”.

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Dear Google — November 29, 2014
Oh my Hard to get Habit! — November 28, 2014

Oh my Hard to get Habit!


Recently I have been into thinking of how to develop a new habit and stick to it.

Well I was actually thinking about what habits does these highly successful and effective people do, that it makes them reach the level of success that they are in.

Well we could say that success is not a habit but more of attitude  and hard works but if you come to think of it, it all begins with building habits that they follow in order for them to arrive at the positive attitude and game plan to success. As Aristotle said, “Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.” Continue reading

I am Blogging Again! — November 26, 2014