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The Laid-Back Girl: Message to fellows — November 12, 2012

The Laid-Back Girl: Message to fellows

I am a self proclaimed lazy girl.

I admit it yes but I am ashamed of that attitude of mine.

Sometimes I run away from working, I made excuses, alibis and all of that.

For me it’s hard to do house chores like cleaning our house, my own room, washing the dishes on the sinks or even cooking, I am lazy to do this things so I rather lay down on my bed or do other things which is I am interested of. Continue reading

No Fear! — October 19, 2012

No Fear!

If I have one greatest thing I hate most about my life I could say that those are my fears.

Maybe you have your fears too, some so simple that you’ve been able to manage it smoothly, some of your fears might be too unmanageable that you just tend to break down at times, trembling, with all those butterflies in your stomachs and anxieties you will experience. Continue reading

Ouch! That Hurts me! — October 17, 2012

Ouch! That Hurts me!

“I picked up the phone, listened quietly on the other line while my Boss is talking with the client. I know it was quite disrespectful to eavesdrop, but I asked for my Boss permission to let me listen to the client so I will know what she had to say”.

Client: “She is like stupid. Is she new? She is so careless, I am so irritated to her, I don’t like her”.

This was the worse criticism I have so far encountered. I was on the other line, teary eyed, ashamed, broken. I was so down and my level of confidence was shattered. Continue reading