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I was browsing through Yahoo and Here’s what I found! — December 3, 2014
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Here I am again writing the hardest post ever, “The Comeback post”,I have been out of blogging for almost two months and writing this entry seems so tough.

I was gone because I had to deal with some important things in my life. I had encounter a serious struggle with life plus add the work which made me busy as well over the past two months. I thought I could not really get back into writing. I tried writing several posts before but those were kept on my draft, unpublished. Honestly, I could not find my pace in writing, no matter what I do, I just couldn’t fit the words and my thoughts and I thought it was the end of my blogging career. Continue reading

Single Click — October 14, 2012

Single Click

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Today was my happiest day ever in the history of my blogging experience.

Yesterday, after posting this week’s Big photo challenge, Likes and comments kept on coming my page. The truth was when I read the theme for this week’s photo challenge I was looking back at old photos which I can share herein as “BIG”. I actually picked one; it’s a stone, a Big Stone taken at our Bolinao trip last May. I was writing my post at office about that Big Challenge but work kept on coming that I can’t focus writing something. So I allow myself to take a break, I opened my Yahoo then read the news. The first thing to appear there was a photo of Malala. I was like curious what had she done so I opened it and read the whole story and googled for another and another.
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